Brevard County Food Gap Project

Girl Eating Healthy - Food Insecurity in Brevard County

Increasing food insecurity among Brevard residents is an issue that has captured a great deal of attention. This web page, the report, and its links are designed for those who want to help. The site lists opportunities, identifies areas of greatest need, and can help individuals, organizations and policymakers alike to learn more, connect with another, and consider ideas to tackle this issue and its underlying causes.

Below are Quick Maps, which are pre-set maps illustrating current food distribution locations in relation to schools, public transportation routes, and areas of the county with higher incidence of poverty. Other relationships can be found by clicking on the Advanced Resource Map link.

Also below are links to download the food gap study conducted by a local team of community leaders with The Urban Institute National Center for Charitable Statistics, a listing of the current food distribution sites in Brevard, and links to national and state studies on the issue of food insecurity.

FOOD PANTRIES: This map shows the distribution of food pantries across the county. Notice that they tend to be clustered in urban areas on the eastern side of the county.