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Why Register?

Registration gives you access to advanced features and the ability to change NTEE codes (approved users only). Some of the advanced features include the following;

Update Your Organization's Information
You can update your organization's Profile but you must be a registered user first. (This helps us keep information accurate and ensure that only authorized users update information.)

Custom Lists: Community Impact Circles & Peer Learning Communities
Custom Lists provide a powerful tool for creating custom subsets of organizations for use in analysis, survey work, or for sharing information on outcomes. Umbrella organizations can use this for tracking their member organizations. Custom lists can cross geographic or activity boundaries, and be kept confidential, shared with your team, or made public.

Save Your Settings
Connect Brevard lets you save custom filters and more. But to save and retrieve them, you must be registered or we won't know who they belong to.

Receive Updates
Connect Brevard can automatically notify you when changes to organizations or projects that you're associated with are changed, or when new features, data or information are added to the Platform.