Core & CoreTrend Files: Getting Started

Here are several links that you should find useful for getting started with the Core files. The associated file, coretrend-check.xls, shows the distribution of key variables across the different core files. Most look fine, in aggregate, but there are clearly a few data errors in earlier years that NCCS has yet to resolve.

Most of the info you want will be found under Data on the top menu of the NCCS web site,

- The Data Guide:

- The Data Dictionaries

- Sample 2004 990 with variable names: -

- Sample 1996 990 return:

The IRS has expanded the number of fields that it keypunches from the Form 990s on two occasions in the past 15 years. Our Core files incorporate as much of the new data as possible:

- 1989 - 1990 - 67 fields (Total revenue and program service revenue are estimated by NCCS since the IRS did not include them.)

- 1991 - 1996 - 71 fields

- 1997 forward - 108 fields

Note that the number of fields includes both financial data and other data the NCCS adds, such as NTEE-related fields.

More info on the NTEE classification system can be found under Classification

- The NTEE Search Tool: - an easily-searchable interface to NTEE codes

- A condensed 2-page listing of codes is at

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