How can I obtain copies of completed Forms 990? (FAQ)

The IRS keeps copies of 990's and 990-PF's for seven years. Copies may be obtained by anyone by mailing Form 4506-A

(soon to be available on our web site) to the appropriate place -- usually the IRS Ogden, Utah Service Center.

Copies cost $1 for the first page of each return and $0.15 cents for each additional page.

Large orders from NCCS should be sent directly to the person who is in charge of the process, Jeanne Peterson.

(Phone: 801-773-5194, fax: 801-775-8803). Recent returns can be obtained quickly. Some older returns may be housed

at other service centers and will take 30-60 days to obtain.

A long list may be separately attached and should include the EIN's (preferred but not required), the EXACT

organization name and address.

Indiana Univ. has 990-PF's from 1956-1989. More recent PF's are housed at the Foundation Center.

Harvard's Peter Frumpkin plans to develop a sample of 990-PFs going back 20 years for use by its students.

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