Problems opening Data Web extractions in Excel format (Helpful Hint)

Extracting data in Excel format may produce the following error message when the un-zipped file is opened in Excel.

"The file maybe read only or you maybe trying to access a read only location."

The technical cause and solution isn't known (by this user), but several work-around approaches usually do the trick, either alone or in combination.

1. Un-zipping the Excel file to a new directory can make a difference. Try extracting the zip file to your desktop (or another directory other than the one you downloaded the zip file to).

2. Many times the un-zipped Excel file ends up as 'read only' for some reason. Try right-clicking the extracted file in windows explorer and view file properties. It may have a 'read only' attribute, in which case you un-check that attribute and click 'OK' or 'Apply'. The sub-folder the file is sitting in can also have a 'read-only' attribute, or the folder the sub-folder is sitting in.

3. If all else fails, extract from the Dataweb using DBase III format. Excel has no problem opening and converting DBIII files. Once open, 'Save As' an Excel file. This approach is less elegant, but works every time.

Added 12/17/2003 by jdurnford, Modified 06/05/2006 by jauer


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