Pasting Data Web summary reports into Excel -- using Excel templates (Helpful Hint)

One of the minor annoyances of pasting Data Web summary tables into Excel is that one must modify column widths, ideally before pasting, to create a nicely formatted table. An simple timesaver is to create a blank spreadsheet with your first 2 columns set quite wide and the remainder set to a width sufficient for most large numbers. This spreadsheet can then be saved as an Excel template in your d:personal settings emplates directory. (When you save the file, change the type to "Excel template.")

This template can then be used each time you create a new spreadsheet by choosing File and then New (instead of choosing the New icon), and then selecting the template.

Users outside the Urban Institute can do the same although their directory for Excel templates may be different.

Added 01/24/2003 by tpollak, Modified 06/05/2006 by jauer


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