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To increase and diffuse geographic knowledge in the broadest sense: the description of land, sea, and universe; the interrelationship of man with the flora and fauna of the earth; and the historical, cultural, scientific, governmental, and social background of people; to conduct and assist investigation, research, and exploration in any branch of geography; and to encourage and assist the experience and knowledge of other cultures and lands; to push the boundaries of exploration to further our understanding of our planet and empower us all to generate solutions for a healthier and more sustainable future.

Federal Emp. ID
C60 - Environmental Education
IRS Ruling Date
IRS Type
501(c)(3) - Public charity: Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations...
Basis for public charity status
16 - Organization income is <=1/3 investment or unrelated business and >1/3 donated or related to purpose
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Total Assets
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Note: Some ratios are only available for organizations completing the detailed IRS Form 990.
Smaller organizations that choose to complete the Form 990-EZ do not report on this variable.

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Name Title/Position Officials
John M. Fahey PRESIDENT & CEO 2005
John M. Fahey President&CEO 2005
John M Fahey President&CEO 2005