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U04 - Physical & Earth Sciences

Use references: Earth Sciences; Metallurgy; Physical Sciences

U04.02 - Astronomy & Astrophysics

See also: Engineering & Technology (U03)

Use references: Astrophysics; Celestial Mechanics; Cosmology; Earth & Planetary Sciences; Galactic Astronomy; Geophysics; Outer Space; Planetary Astronomy; Planetary Science; Planetology; Solar System; Space Science; Stars; Stellar Astronomy; Stellar Physics

U04.03 - Atmospheric Sciences & Meteorology

See also: Climatic Change (C06.03)

Use references: Atmospheric Chemistry; Atmospheric Dynamics; Atmospheric Physics; Atmospheric Sciences; Atmospheric Sciences & Meteorology; Climatology; Meteorology; Weather; Weather Forecasting; Weather Simulation

U04.04 - Chemistry

See also: Engineering & Technology (U03)

Use references: Analytical Chemistry; Chemical Physics; Chromatography; Inorganic Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Physical and Theoretical Physics; Polymer; Spectroscopy

U04.05 - Geological & Earth Sciences

See also: Engineering & Technology (U03)

Use references: Chemical and Physical Oceanography; Geochemistry; Geophysics; Glaciology; Hydrology; Magnetrometry; Mining & Mineralogy; Oceanography; Paleontology; Petrology; Seismology; Stratigraphy; Thermodynamics; Vulcanology

U04.06 - Physics

Use references: Acoustics; Atomic Physics; Crystallography; Electricity & Magnetism; Electron Diffraction; Elementary Particle Physics; Laser & Optics; Nuclear & Accelerator Optics & Optical Sciences; Physics; Plasma Physics; Powder Diffraction; Relativity and Quantum Theory; Thermodynamics