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U03 - Engineering & Technology

See also: Astronomy & Astrophysics (U04.02); Chemistry (U04.02); Geological & Earth Sciences (U02.05)sPhysical & Earth Sciences (U04); Physics (U04.06)

Use references: Applied Technology; Architectural & Construction; Aviation Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical and Mechanical Engineering; Industrial & Manufacturing; Materials; Radar & Sonar Technology; Robotics; Telecommunications

U03.02 - Computer & Information Science

Use references: Artificial Intelligence; Computer Architecture; Computer Science; Data Processing Technology; Information Sciences; Information Technology; Information Management; Information Science; IT; Parallel Processing; Robotics; Software Engineering; Supercomputers

U03.03 - Engineering

Use references: Aerospace, Aeronautical & Astronomical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering; Aerospace Technology; Architectural & Construction Research; Automotive Engineering; Aviation Engineering; Ceramic Sciences & Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical and Mechanical Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Manufacturing Engineering; Materials Engineering; Mining & Minerals Engineering; Naval Engineering; Nuclear Engineering; Ocean Engineering; Petroleum Engineering Plastics Engineering; Polymer Engineering; Surveying Engineering; Textile Sciences & Engineering; Transportation & Highway Engineering

U03.04 - Manufacturing & Industry

Use references: Cement Industry; Ceramics Industry; Chemical & Petroleum Industries; Clothing & Textiles Industries; Concrete Manufacture; Construction Industry; Electrical & Electronics Industries; Factories & Workshops; Furniture Industry; Glass Industry; Industrial Enterprise; Industrial Policy; Industrial Processes; Industrial Production; Industrial Research; Industrial Structure; Industrial Technology; Leather & Fur Industries; Machine Tool Industry; Manufacturing; Metal Industries; Materials Handling; Metalworking Processes; Mining; Petroleum Industry; Precision Instrument Manufacturing; Rubber Industry

U03.05 - Mathematics

Use references: Algebra; Algebra & Number Theory; Algebraic Structures; Bayesian statistics; Calculus; Computational Mathematics; Differential Equations; Discrete Mathematics; Dynamic Systems; Euclidean Geometry; Finite Mathematics; Functional Analysis; Geometric Analysis; Geometry; Integral Geometry; Linear Algebra; Linear Systems; Markov Processes; Mathematical Measurement; Mathematical Statistics; Monte Carlo Method; Non-Euclidean Geometry; Number Theory; Numerical Analysis; Probability; Probability Theory; Real Analysis; Statistical Analysis; Statistical Techniques; Statistics ; Symbolic Logic; Topology & Foundations; Trigonometry