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U02 - Biological & Life Sciences

See also: Animal-Related (+ COMMON CODE Research & Public Policy Analysis **K); Environment (+ COMMON CODE Research & Public Policy Analysis **K); Food, Agriculture & Nutrition (+ COMMON CODE Research & Public Policy Analysis **K); MAJOR GROUP H Medical Research

Use references: Bioinformatics; Biology; Biomathematics; Biotechnology; Cryobiology; Cryonics; Cryotechnology

U02.02 - Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology

Use references: Biochemistry; Biophysics; Cell Biology; Cellular Biology; Developmental Biology and Embryology; Microbiology; Molecular Biochemistry; Molecular Biophysics; Molecular Biology; Mycology; Neuroanatomy; Photobiology; Radiation Biology; Radiobiology ; Structural biology

U02.03 - Botany

Use references: Botany; Botany/Plant Biology; Cultural Botany; Economic Botany; Phytopathology; Plant Biology; Plant Molecular Biology; Plant Pathology; Plant Physiology; Plant Taxonomy

U02.04 - Ecology, Evolution, Systematics & Population Biology

See also: Environmental & Sustainable Design (C03); Medical Genetics (G03.06); Medical Genetics Research (H03.06); MAJOR GROUP C Environment; Natural Resources Conservation & Protection (C05)

Use references: Aquatic Biology; Biogeography; Biological Oceanography; Biological Systematics; Conservation Biology; Ecology; Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Environmental Biology; Environmental Geology; Evolution; Evolutionary Biology; Evolutionary Theory; Fossil; Limnology; Marine Biology; Marine Science; Microbial Ecology; Paleobiology; Paleotology; Population Biology; Primatology; Systematic Biology

U02.05 - Zoology

See also: Wildlife Preservation & Protection (D05); Zoological Parks & Aquariums (D06)

Use references: Animal Biology; Animal Behavior; Animal Behavior & Ethnology; Animal Physiology; Entomology; Herpetology; Invertebrate Biology; Invertebrate Zoology; Ichthyology; Mammalogy; Ornithology; Vertebrate Biology; Vertebrate Zoology; Wildlife Biology; Zoology; Zoology/Animal Biology