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NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples U01 - Search U01 - Alliances & Advocacy

Organizations whose activities focus on influencing public policy within the Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services major group area. Includes a variety of activities from public education and influencing public opinion to lobbying national and state legislatures.

Key words: Lobbying; Public Awareness

NAICS: 541618   Largest/examples U02 - Search U02 - Management & Technical Assistance

Consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to nonprofit groups within the Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services major group area.

NAICS: 813920   Largest/examples U03 - Search U03 - Professional Societies & Associations

Learned societies, professional councils, and other organizations that bring together individuals or organizations with a common professional or vocational interest within the Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services major group area.

Key words: Astronomers; Chemists; Engineers; Geologists; Herpetologists; Mathematicians; Scientists; Zoologists

Scope notes: Includes: Accreditation Boards;

NAICS: 541720   Largest/examples U05 - Search U05 - Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis

Organizations whose primary purpose is to conduct research and/or public policy analysis within the Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples U11 - Search U11 - Single Organization Support

Organizations existing as a fund-raising entity for a single institution within the Science & Technology major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples U12 - Search U12 - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution

Organizations that raise and distribute funds for multiple organizations within the Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples U19 - Search U19 - Support N.E.C.

Organizations that provide all forms of support except for financial assistance or fund raising for other organizations within the Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services major group area.

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples: U20 - U2 - Search U20 - General Science

Organizations that focus broadly on scientific research and inquiry or which engage in interdisciplinary science activities.

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples U21 - Search U21 - Marine Science & Oceanography

Organizations that support or conduct research in the area of science that studies the oceans and associated phenomena including the land/ water and water/atmospheric boundaries.

Key words: Chemical and Physical Oceanography Research; Marine Science Research; Oceanography Research

See also: Biological & Life Science

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples: U30 - U3 - Search U30 - Physical & Earth Sciences

Organizations that conduct research in the physical and earth sciences, i.e., the area of science that studies inanimate objects, processes of matter and energy and associated phenomena. Use this code for organizations that conduct research that broadly covers the physical and earth sciences or for those that address areas of scientific study not specified below.

Key words: Acoustics Research; Aerospace Research; Astrophysics Research; Atmospheric Chemistry Research; Atmospheric Dynamics Research; Atmospheric Physics Research; Atmospheric Sciences Research; Atomic Physics Research; Aviation Research; Climatology Research; Crystallography Research; Earth Sciences Research; Electricity & Magnetism Research; Electron Diffraction Research; Elementary Particle Physics Research; Glaciology Research; Hydrology Research; Laser & Optics Research; Magnetrometry Research; Metallurgy Research; Meteorology Research; Natural Science Research; Nuclear & Accelerator Research; Optics & Optical Sciences Research; Outer Space Research; Physical and Theoretical Physics Research; Physical Sciences Research; Physics Research; Plasma Physics Research; Powder Diffraction Research; Relativity and Quantum Theory Research; Seismology Research; Space Research; Space Science Research; Thermodynamics Research; Vulcanology Research; Weather Forecasting Research; Weather Modeling Research; Weather Research; Weather Simulation Research

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples U31 - Search U31 - Astronomy

Organizations that conduct research in astronomy, the physical science that addresses matter and energy in the universe using observational techniques such as spectroscopy, photometry, interferometry, radio astronomy and optical astronomy.

Key words: Celestial Mechanics Research; Cosmology Research; Galactic Astronomy Research; Planetary Astronomy Research; Planetary Science Research; Planetology Research; Solar System Research; Stars; Stellar Astronomy Research; Stellar Physics Research

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples U33 - Search U33 - Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Organizations that conduct research in chemistry, the science which addresses the composition and behavior of matter including its micro- and macro-structure, the processes of chemical change and the theoretical description and laboratory simulation of these phenomena.

Key words: Analytical Chemistry Research; Chemical Engineering Research; Chemical Physics Research; Chemistry Research; Chromatography Research; Inorganic Chemistry Research; Organic Chemistry Research; Polymer Research; Polymer Science Research; Spectroscopy Research

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples U34 - Search U34 - Mathematics

Organizations that conduct research in mathematics, the science which addresses quantities, magnitudes, forms and their relationships using symbolic logic and language.

Key words: Computational Mathematics Research; Discrete Mathematics Research; Finite Mathematics Research; Mathematics Research; Number Theory Research; Numerical Analysis Research; Probability Research; Statistics Research; Symbolic Logic Research

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples U36 - Search U36 - Geology

Organizations that conduct research in the area of science that studies the earth; the forces acting upon it; and the behavior of the solids, liquids and gases comprising it.

Key words: Environmental Geology; Geology: Geochemistry Research; Geophysics Research; Hydrogeology Research; Mineralogy Research; Petrology Research; Sedimentology Research; Stratigraphy Research

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples: U40 - U4 - Search U40 - Engineering & Technology

Organizations that conduct research in the area of science which applies mathematical and scientific principles to the solution of practical problems for the benefit of society.

Key words: Applied Technology Research; Materials Research; Radar & Sonar Technology Research; Robotics Research; Telecommunications Research

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples U41 - Search U41 - Computer Science

Organizations that conduct research in the area of science that addresses the study of data and information storage and processing systems including hardware, software, basic design principles, user requirements analysis and related economic and policy issues.

Key words: Artificial Intelligence Research; Computer Architecture Research; Computer Research; Computer Science Research; Data Processing Technology Research; Information Sciences Research; Information Systems Research; Information Technology Research; Information Management Research; Robotics Research; Software Engineering Research; Supercomputers Research

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples U42 - Search U42 - Engineering

Organizations that conduct research in the field of engineering in which mathematical and scientific principles are applied to solve a wide variety of practical problems in industry, social organization, public works and commerce.

Key words: Aeronautical Engineering Research; Aerospace Engineering Research; Aerospace Technology Research; Astronomical Engineering Research; Architectural Research; Automotive Engineering Research; Aviation Engineering Research; Ceramic Sciences & Engineering Research; Civil Engineering Research; Construction Research; Electrical Engineering Research; Engineering Research; Industrial Engineering Research; Manufacturing Engineering Research; Materials Engineering Research; Mechanical Engineering Research ; Mining & Minerals Engineering Research; Naval Engineering Research; Nuclear Engineering Research; Ocean Engineering Research; Petroleum Engineering Research; Plastics Engineering Research; Polymer Engineering Research; Surveying Engineering Research; Textile Sciences & Engineering Research; Transportation & Highway Engineering Research

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples: U50 - U5 - Search U50 - Biological & Life Sciences

Organizations that conduct research in the sciences which analyze the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution or distribution of living organisms and their relations to their natural environments.

Key words: Animal Anatomy; Animal Behavior Research; Animal Biology Research; Animal Physiology Research; Anatomy Research; Aquatic Biology Research; Biochemistry Research; Biogeography Research; Bioinformatics Research; Biological Oceanography Research; Biology Research; Biomathematics Research; Biophysics Research; Biotechnology Research; Botany Research; Cell Biology Research; Conservation Biology Research; Cultural Botany Research; Developmental Biology Research; Economic Botany Research; Embryology Research; Entomology Research; Environmental Biology Research; Ethnology Research; Ethology; Evolution Research; Fossil Research; Herpetology Research; Human Anatomy; Human Physiology; Ichthyology Research; Invertebrate Biology Research; Invertebrate Zoology Research; Limnology Research; Mammalogy Research; Marine Biology Research; Marine Science Research; Microbial Ecology Research; Microbiology Research; Molecular Biochemistry Research; Molecular Biology Research; Molecular Biophysics Research; Mycology Research; Neuroanatomy Research; Ornithology Research; Paleobiology Research; Paleotology Research; Photobiology Research; Physiology; Phytopathology Research; Plant Biology Research; Plant Pathology Research; Plant Physiology Research; Population Biology Research; Primatology Research; Radiation Biology Research; Radiobiology Research; Structural Biology Research; Systematic Biology Research; Vertebrate Biology Research; Vertebrate Zoology Research; Wildlife Biology Research; Zoology Research

See also: Marine Science & Oceanography

NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples U99 - Search U99 - Science & Technology N.E.C.

Use this code for organizations that clearly provide science and technology research services where the major purpose is unclear enough that a more specific code cannot be accurately assigned.

Key words: Microscopy