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NAICS: 813311   Largest/examples Q32 - Search Q32 - International Economic Development

Organizations that provide technical assistance and training, loans and loan guarantees and other forms of support to stimulate the economy, expand employment opportunities, encourage the establishment and growth of commerce and industry and otherwise enhance the economic development of countries outside the United States.

Key words: International Economic Assistance

Scope notes: International economic development organizations encourage the establishment and growth of commerce and industry in countries outside of the U.S., and offer support for stimulating foreign economies. This support can be in the form of technical assistance and training for expanding employment opportunities, loans and loan guarantees, or other measures. The focus of these organizations is on strengthening domestic economic systems, rather than international trade prospects. Many of these organizations, like Christian Technical Support, focus on micro-enterprise development, while others like Goodwill Industries International work to reduce barriers to employment and educate the workforce.

Also included are those organizations that support disadvantaged artisans in foreign countries, often selling their wares in the U.S. to provide them with fair income.