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P11 - Services for Specific Populations
P11.02 - Senior Services

See also: Companionship (P05.04); Home Health Care (E09.04); In-Home Assistance (P05.16); Meal Distribution (K03.04); Mentoring (P05.18); Nursing Home Care (E09.07); Respite Care (P05.20); Senior Residential Facilities Programs (P06.06); Seniors' Rights (R03.07); Senior Volunteer Programs (T05.04)

Use references: Adult Day Care Centers; Adult Family Day Care Homes; In-Home Adult Day Care; Medical Day Care; Senior Day Care; Social Day Care

P11.03 - Services for Individuals with Disabilities

See also: Disabled Persons' Rights (R03.03); Home Health Care (E09.04); Independent Living Skills (E12.07); In-Home Assistance (p05.16); Meal Distribution (K03.04); Occupational Therapy (E12.08); Rehabilitation Services (E12); Respite Care (P05.20); Special Education (B04.20); Vocational Rehabilitation (J04)

Use references: Activities of Daily Living; Adult Development Centers; American Sign Language Interpretation; AMESLAM Interpretation; Animal Aides Services; Audio Books Programs; Books on Tape Programs; Braille Transcription; Canine Assistants; Companion Animals; Daily Living Instruction; Day Programs for the Developmentally Disabled; Deaf Relay Services; Developmentally Disabled Activity Centers; Developmentally Disabled Behavior Management Programs; Developmentally Disabled Social/Recreation Programs; Drop in Centers for the Developmentally Disabled; Easter Seals; Equestrian Therapy; Equine Therapy; Guide Dogs; Hippo Therapy; Independent Living Skills Instruction: Self Care Programs; Mental Retardation; Recorded Books Programs; Recordings for the Blind; Seeing Eye Dog Programs; Service Animals; Service Dogs; Services for the Blind & Visually Impaired; Services for the Deaf & Hearing Impaired; Services for the Developmentally Disabled; Sign Language Interpretation; Talking Books Programs; Telecommunication Relay Services; Therapeutic Horseback Riding; Therapeutic Riding; Therapeutic Swimming; TTD Linkage

P11.04 - Services for the Homeless

See also: Homeless Shelter (L02.04)

P11.05 - Services for Ethnic & Immigrant Groups

See also: Adult Education (B04.02); Cultural & Ethnic Awareness (A03.03); Immigrants' Rights (R03.05); Legal Services (I05); Migration/Refugee Rights (Q03.02)

Use references: Cultural Orientation; Cultural Transition Facilitation; Immigrant Support Services; Refugee Resettlement