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P05 - Personal Social Services

Use references: Interpreters; Language Interpretations; Language Translation

P05.02 - Burial & Cemetery Services

Use references: Ashes Disposition; Body Shipment Services; Burial Services; Cremation; Embalming; Funeral Coach Services; Funeral Services; Funeral Society Programs; Mortuary Services

P05.03 - Case Management

Use references: Care Coordination; Care Management; Case Coordination; Service Coordination; Service Management

P05.04 - Companionship

See also: Senior Services (P11.02)

Use references: Friendly Telephoning; Friendly Visiting; Friendly Visitors; Friendly Visits; Live-In Companions; Traveling Companions; Buddy Programs; Holiday Visitation Programs; Nursing Home Cheer Givers; Friendship Lines

P05.15 - Financial Counseling

Use references: Bankruptcy Assistance; Credit Counseling; Credit Denial Assistance; Credit Rating Assistance; Debt Consolidation Services; Debt Management; Foreclosure Assistance; Investment Counseling; Money Management; Personal Finances Administration; Personal Financial Management Counseling; Property Lien Assistance; Repossession Assistance; Representative Payee Services; Protective Payee Services; Bill interpretation Assistance; Financial Record Keeping Assistance; Debt. Liquidation Counseling; Mortgage Default Assistance; Debt Repayment Counseling; Tax Assistance

P05.16 - In-Home Assistance

See also: Meal Distribution (K03.04); Home Health Care (E09.04); Hospice Care (E09.05); Respite Care (P05.20); Personal Goods Provision (P03.04); Senior Services (P11.02); Services for Individuals with Disabilities (P11.03)

Use references: Bathing Facilities; Community Voice Mail; Errand Running; Grocery Delivering; Hairdressing Services; Home Maintenance; Homemaker Assistance; Housekeeping Assistance; Laundry Services; Personal Care; Secretarial Assistance; Yard Work

P05.17 - Information & Referral

Use references: I&R; Comprehensive Information and Referral; Specialized Information and Referral

P05.18 - Mentoring

See also: Youth Development, General/Other (O01)

Use references: Adult Mentoring; Adult/Child Matching Programs; Adult/Child Mentoring; Big Brothers; Big Friends; Big Sisters; Foster Grandparents

P05.19 - Personal Enrichment

Use references: Assertiveness Training; Communication Training; Conflict Resolution Training; Consciousness-Raising Groups; Cultural Awareness/Competencies Training; Death and Dying Workshops; Disability Awareness Programs; Diversity Training; Emancipation Preparation Programs; Life Skills Training; Personal Growth Programs; Marriage Enrichment; Relationship Workshops; Self-Esteem Workshops; Sensitivity Training; Social Responsibility Programs; Social Skills Training; Stress Management; Team Building Activities

P05.20 - Respite Care

See also: Nursing Home Care (E09.07); In-Home Assistance (P05.16); Senior Services (P11.02); Services for Individuals with Disabilities (P11.03)

Use references: Adult Respite Care; Caregiver Relief; Children's Respite Care

P05.21 - Thrift Shop Operation

See also: Emergency Assistance (P03); Household Goods Provision (P03.03); Personal Goods Provision (P03.04)

P05.22 - Transportation Assistance

See also: Services for Individuals with Disabilities (P11.03); Transportation Systems (W09.04)

Use references: Bus Passes; Demand/Response Transportation; Disability-Related Transportation; Door-to-Door Transportation; Drinking/Drug Impaired Driver Transportation; Drunk Driver Transportation; Handicapped Transportation; Paratransit Services; Senior Ride Programs; Special Needs Transportation; Student Transportation Services; Transportation Passes; Transportation Vouchers

P05.23 - Travelers' Assistance

Use references: Consulates/Foreign Government Representatives; Customs Assistance; Emergency Road Service; Foreign Currency Exchange; Foreign Visitor Assistance; International Travel Advisories; Tourist Information; Towing Services; Stranded Motorist Assistance