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P03 - Emergency Assistance

See also: Disaster Relief/Recovery (M02.04); Emergency Shelter (L02); Food Distribution (K03.02); Housing Expense Assistance (L06.03); International Relief (Q06); Meal Distribution (K03.04); Medical Expense Assistance (E08.07); Refugee Relief (Q06.03); Thrift Shop Operation (P05.21)

P03.02 - Holiday Assistance

See also: Meal Distribution (K03.04)

Use references: Christmas Assistance; Christmas Baskets; Christmas Food Baskets; Christmas Gifts; Christmas Toys; Easter Assistance; Easter Food Baskets; Holiday Adoption Programs; Holiday Cash Grants; Holiday Donations; Mother's Day Assistance; Passover Assistance; Ramadan Assistance; Thanksgiving Food Baskets; Toys for Tots

P03.03 - Household Goods Provision

See also: Thrift Shop Operation (P05.21)

Use references: Household Goods Vouchers

P03.04 - Clothing & Personal Goods Provision

See also: In-Home Assistance (P05.16); Thrift Shop Operation (P05.21)

Use references: Bathing Facilities; Clothing; Community Voice Mail; Diapers; Laundry Facilities; Personal/Grooming Supplies

P03.05 - Temporary Financial Aid

See also: Housing Expense Assistance (L06.03); Medical Bill Assistance (E08.07); Transportation Assistance (P05.22)

Use references: Emergency Cash; Emergency Living Expenses; Emergency Money; Moving Expense Assistance; Personal Loans; Child Care Vouchers; Return to Point of Origin Assistance