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NAICS: 624230   Largest/examples: M20 - M2 - Search M20 - Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services

Organizations that work to prevent, predict or control the effects of disasters (e.g. floods, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes), to educate or otherwise prepare individuals to cope with the effects of such disasters or to provide broad-based relief services to victims of such disasters. Use this code for organizations that provide a wide range of disaster services or for those that offer disaster services not specified below.

Key words: 9/11 Relief; Avalanches; Brush Fires; Catastrophe Planning; Chemical Emergencies; Civil Defense; Civil Unrest; Community Disaster Information; Debris Removal; Disaster Alert Systems; Disaster Donations; Disaster Hotlines; Disaster Information; Disaster Kits; Disaster Loans; Disaster Mitigation; Disaster Planning; Disaster Preparedness; Disaster Readiness; Disaster Recovery Centers; Disaster Relief/Recovery; Disaster Relief; Disaster Response; Disaster Service Centers; Disaster Services; Disaster-Specific Home Repairs; Disaster Specific Rent Assistance; Droughts; Early Warning Alerts; Earthquakes; Emergency Communications; Emergency Dispatch; Emergency Management; Emergency Preparedness/Response Training; Emergency Radio; Evacuation Plans; Explosions; Extreme Heat; Floods; Flood Protection and Control; Forest Fires; Grass Fires; Hazardous Materials Emergencies; Homeland Security; Hurricanes; Landslide/Mudslides; Natural Disasters; Nuclear Emergencies; Post-Disaster Clean-Up; Post-Disaster Housing Assistance; Post-Disaster Housing Databanks/Referrals; Post-Disaster Rebuilding Assistance; Post-Disaster Volunteer Management; Radiological Emergencies; Snowstorms; Terrorism; Thunderstorms; Tidal Waves; Tornados; Tsunamis; Volcanic Eruptions; Wildfires; Wildland Fires; Winter Storms; Woodland Fires

See also: Fire Prevention; Health Support; International Relief; Search & Rescue Squads