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M02 - Disaster Services

Use references: Disaster Mitigation Programs; Disaster Recovery Programs; Disaster Response Services; Emergency Management Programs

M02.02 - Disaster Preparedness

Use references: Avalanche Preparedness; Brush Fire Preparedness; Chemical Emergency Preparedness; Civil Defense Preparedness; Civil Unrest Preparedness; Community Disaster Information; Disaster Information; Disaster Kit; Disaster Planning Programs; Drought Preparedness; Earthquake Preparedness; Emergency Preparedness/Response Training; Explosion Preparedness; Extreme Heat Preparedness; Flood Preparedness; Forest Fire Preparedness; Grass Fire Preparedness; Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness; Hurricane Preparedness; Landslide/Mudslide Preparedness; Nuclear Emergency Preparedness; Radiological Emergency Preparedness; Snowstorm Preparedness; Terrorism Preparedness; Thunderstorm Preparedness; Tidal Wave Preparedness; Tornado Preparedness; Tsunami Preparedness; Volcanic Eruption Preparedness; Wildfire Preparedness; Wildland Fire Preparedness; Winter Storm Preparedness; Woodland Fire Preparedness

M02.03 - Disaster Relief/Recovery

See also: Emergency Assistance (P03); Food (K03); International Relief (Q06)

Use references: Debris Removal; Disaster Donations; Disaster Hotlines; Disaster Loan Programs; Disaster Recovery Centers; Disaster Service Centers; Disaster-Specific Home Repairs; Disaster-Specific Rent Assistance; Post-Disaster Clean-Up; Post-Disaster Housing Assistance; Post-Disaster Housing Databanks/Referrals; Post-Disaster Rebuilding Assistance; Post-Disaster Volunteer Management

M02.04 - Emergency Communications

See also: Communication Systems (W09.02)

Use references: Emergency Radio Services

M02.05 - Emergency Medical & Ambulance Services

See also: Emergency Services, Hospital-Based (E09.03)

Use references: Ambulance Transport; Ambulances; Angel Flights; Emergency Medical Air Transport; Emergency Services; Emergency Medical Transport; Mercy Flights; Sea Rescue; Search and Rescue; Search Dogs; Ski Patrol; Ski Rescue; Swift Water Rescue; Traffic Accident Rescue; Transportation of Patients; Underwater Search/Rescue/Recovery; Urban Search and Rescue; Wilderness Rescue

M02.06 - Fire Protection

See also: Fire Prevention (M04.03)

Use references: Fire Code Inspections; Fire Departments; Fire Safety Inspections; Fire Suppression Systems; Wildfire Residential Fire Protection Systems