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J02 - Job Training & Employment

See also: Vocational Education (B03.05)

Use references: Community Work & Training Programs; Employment Acquisition; Employment Placement Programs; Employment Preparation; Employment Procurement; Employment Training; Employment Training Job Referral Programs; Foreign Employment Programs; Industrial Training; Job Banks; Job Fairs; Job Information Clearinghouses; Job Listings; Job Seeking Skills; Jobs Training Partnership Act; JTPA Programs; Manpower Training Programs; Occupational Training; OICs; On-the-Job Training; Opportunities Industrialization Centers; Personnel Training; Post Employment Assistance Programs; Pre-Employment Training; Pre-Job Guidance; Prejob Training; Public Employment & Training Programs; SCSEP; Senior Citizen Employment Project; Senior Community Service Employment; Title IIA Programs; Title IIB Programs; Welfare to Work Programs; Title V; WIA Programs; Work & Training Programs; Work Experience Programs; Workforce Development Programs; Workforce Investment Act Programs;

J02.05 - Apprenticeships

See also: Vocational Education (B03.05)

Use references: Apprentices

J02.06 - Internships

See also: Vocational Education (B03.05)

Use references: Student Field Work; Practicums; Practice Teaching; Field Experience Programs; In-service Training; Residency Programs

J02.07 - Job Search & Placement

Use references: Employment Acquisition Programs; Employment Referrals; Employment Resource Center; Employment Screening Finding Services; Interview Clothing Provisions; Job Clubs; Job Counseling and Placement Services; Job Interview Training; Job Placement Assistance; Job Readiness Programs; Job Referrals; Job Search Assistance; Job Search Resource Center; Job Search Techniques; Resume Preparation Assistance; Working Wardrobes

J02.08 - Retraining

Use references: Dislocated Workers Training; Occupational Rehabilitation; Occupational Retraining; Occupational Training for Dislocated Workers; Reentry Training; Work Reentry Training

J02.09 - Vocational Guidance

See also: Educational Testing (B04.07); Guidance & Counseling (B07.06)

Use references: Assessment Testing; Career Awareness Programs; Career Counseling; Career Goals; Career Development; Career Planning; Employment Aptitude Testing; Employment Counseling; Employment Interest Measures; Job Counseling; Vocational Assessment; Vocational Counseling; Vocational Testing; Vocational Information; Vocational Training

J02.10 - Youth Job Training & Employment

See also: Vocational Education (B03.05); Youth Development, General/Other (O01)

Use references: Job Corps Programs; JTPA Summer Programs; School to Career Programs; School to Work Programs; Summer Youth Employment Programs; Title IIC Programs; Workforce Development; Youth Corps