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NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples I01 - Search I01 - Alliances & Advocacy

Organizations whose activities focus on influencing public policy within the Crime, Legal Related major group area. Includes a variety of activities from public education and influencing public opinion to lobbying national and state legislatures.

Key words: Lobbying; Public Awareness

NAICS: 541618   Largest/examples I02 - Search I02 - Management & Technical Assistance

Consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to nonprofit groups within the Crime, Legal Related major group area.

Key words: Professional Continuing Education

NAICS: 813920   Largest/examples I03 - Search I03 - Professional Societies & Associations

Learned societies, professional councils, and other organizations that bring together individuals or organizations with a common professional or vocational interest within the Crime, Legal Related major group area.

Key words: Associations of Crisis Negotiators; Association of Hostage Negotiators; Crisis Negotiation Associations; Hostage Association Negotiators

Scope notes: Includes: Accreditation Boards;

See also: F034-Professional Societies and Associations for Crisis Intervention workers

NAICS: 541720   Largest/examples I05 - Search I05 - Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis

Organizations whose primary purpose is to conduct research and/or public policy research within the Crime, Legal Related major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples I11 - Search I11 - Single Organization Support

Organizations existing as a fund-raising entity for a single institution within the Crime & Legal-Related major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples I12 - Search I12 - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution

Organizations that raise and distribute funds for multiple organizations within the Crime, Legal Related major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples I19 - Search I19 - Support N.E.C.

Organizations that provide all forms of support except for financial assistance or fund raising for other organizations within the Crime, Legal Related major group area.

NAICS: 541199   Largest/examples: I20 - I2 - Search I20 - Crime Prevention

Organizations that provide information and services that help the public protect themselves from crime or which prevent its occurrence. Also included are organizations that provide a mechanism for reporting crimes. Use this code for crime prevention programs not specified below.

Key words: Anti-Crime Patrols; Arson Prevention; Block Parents; Block Watch; Child Finger Television; Citizen Crime Reporting; Citizen Patrols; Citizens Crime Watch; Civilian Crime Patrols; Community Watch; Crime Reporting; Crime Prevention; Crime Watch; Crime Stoppers; Crimebusters; Crimestoppers; Crimewatch; Dangerous Weapons Regulation and Control; Firearms Control; Fraud Reporting; Gun Control; Hate Crime Prevention; Home Alert; Kidnapped Children; Missing Children; Missing Persons; Neighborhood Watch; Online Crime Prevention; Self-Defense; Tip Lines; Violence Prevention

NAICS: 624110   Largest/examples I21 - Search I21 - Youth Violence Prevention

Organizations that offer a variety of activities for youth who have demonstrated or are at risk for behavior which is likely to be unlawful or to involve them in the juvenile justice system. Also included are community councils, coalitions and other groups whose primary purpose is to prevent delinquency.

Key words: Gang Related; Juvenile Delinquency Prevention; SADD; Students Against Destructive Decisions; Students Against Drunk Driving; Youth Crime Prevention

Scope notes: Use for comprehensive youth services for "at-risk" youth.

NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples I23 - Search I23 - Drunk Driving-Related

Organizations that provide first and multiple offender drunk driving programs for adults and juveniles or which offer transportation services for drinking drivers. Also includes community action groups like MADD that are against drunk driving.

Key words: Designated Drivers; Drinking Drivers; Drinking/Drug Impaired Driver Transportation; Driving Under the Influence; Drunk Driver Transportation; Drunk Driving; DUI; DWI; MADD ; Mothers Against Drunk Drivers; Offender Drinking Drivers; Public Inebriate Transportation

Scope notes: Includes transportation for people who have been drinking.

NAICS: 541199   Largest/examples: I30 - I3 - Search I30 - Correctional Facilities

Privately operated, community-based nonprofit correctional facilities for adults or juveniles who have been sentenced to imprisonment after conviction for an offense. These facilities serve the same function as government-operated programs, and most operate on a contract with the county or the state.

Key words: Detention of Alleged Law Violators; Detention of Law Violators; Jails; Penitentiaries; Prisons

See also: Rehabilitation Services for Offenders

NAICS: 623990   Largest/examples I31 - Search I31 - Half-Way Houses for Offenders & Ex-Offenders

Community-based residential facilities which allow adult and juvenile offenders with satisfactory behavior to transition back to the community during the last months of their sentences or which provide congregate living arrangements and supportive services for ex-offenders to help them successfully reenter the community and become self-sufficient. These facilities are known as work release centers, prerelease centers, rehabilitation centers and group homes for juvenile offenders or status offenders.

Key words: Half-Way Houses for Ex-Offenders; Half-Way Houses for Offenders; Prerelease Centers; Transitional Care for Ex-Offenders; Transitional Care for Offenders; Work Release Centers

NAICS: 541199   Largest/examples: I40 - I4 - Search I40 - Rehabilitation Services for Offenders

Organizations that provide counseling, job seeking assistance and other nonresidential supportive services that help adult and/or juvenile offenders re-integrate into the community following their release from a correctional facility. Use this code for rehabilitation services not specified below.

Key words: Bail Assistance; Correctional Restitution; Court Referral; Day Reporting Centers; Electronic Monitoring of Detention; Ex-Offender Counseling; Ex-Offender Reentry; Juvenile Parole; Parole; Pre-Release; Pretrial Electronic Monitoring; Pretrial Release; Probation; Restorative Justice; Teen Court; Victim/Offender Reconciliation; VORP; Work Furlough; Work Release; Youth Court

NAICS: 541199   Largest/examples I43 - Search I43 - Inmate Support

Organizations that provide emotional support, friendship, advice and guidance or other types of support for inmates while they are incarcerated and/or which facilitate contact between inmates and family members.

Key words: Correctional Education; Family Visitation; Family Visitation Support; Inmate Counseling; Inmate Pre-Release Reentry; Inmate Support; Inmate Visitation; Inmate Visiting Transportation; Jail Visitation; Offender Advocates; Pregnant/Parenting Inmate Support; Prison Libraries; Prison Ministries; Prison Visitation; Prisoner Locator; Volunteer Inmate Visiting; Volunteer Jail Visiting

NAICS: 541199   Largest/examples I44 - Search I44 - Prison Alternatives

Organizations that provide intensive treatment and rehabilitation services for adult or juvenile offenders. The focus of the service is on rehabilitation of the offender rather than preparation for release into the community.

Key words: Adult Diversion; Alternatives to Incarceration; Community Corrections; Community-Based Correctional Facility; Day Treatment for Offenders; Diversion; Group Homes for Offenders; Home Confinement; Housing; Intensive Supervision of Offenders; Juvenile Alternative Sentencing; Juvenile Detention Facilities; Juvenile Detention Homes; Juvenile Diversion; Juvenile Justice System; Prison Alternatives; Prison Boot Camps; Reformatories; Residential Restitution Centers; Residential Treatment Facilities for Offenders; Weekend Sentences

Scope notes: Use for residential services for youth who have been referred by the Juvenile Justice system. Includes schools for delinquent youth where there is a residential component in addition to the educational one.

See also: Residential Care for Children & Young Adults (P76); Residential Mental Health Care (F33)

NAICS: 541199   Largest/examples: I50 - I5 - Search I50 - Administration of Justice

Organizations that are concerned with court administration; court reform including the rights and privileges of prisoners, incarceration alternatives and other criminal justice issues; and alternatives to litigation.

Key words: Administration of Justice; Alternatives to Litigation; Bail Deviation; Court Administration; Court Orientation for Offenders; Court Reform; Courts; Criminal Justice Systems; Expert Witnesses; Penal Reform; Prison Reform

See also: Civil Liberties Advocacy

NAICS: 624190   Largest/examples I51 - Search I51 - Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Organizations that provide mediation services which help individuals who are having a dispute discuss the situation and reach an agreement without resorting to litigation.

Key words: Alternative Dispute Resolution; Alternative to Litigation; Arbitration; Conflict Resolution; Dispute Resolution; Dissolution Assistance; Labor Mediation; Landlord/Tenant Mediation; Mediation; Mini-Trials

See also: Intergroup & Race Relations; International Conflict Resolution

NAICS: 541199   Largest/examples: I60 - I6 - Search I60 - Law Enforcement

Law enforcement associations, advisory councils or other nonprofit community groups that provide advice and direction for police departments; auxiliaries or other community-based organizations that collect and disburse money in aid of injured police officers or in support of local law enforcement activities; and other nonprofit groups that have an interest in law enforcement issues.

Key words: Fraternal Order of Police; K-9 Police team; Law Enforcement Agencies; Police Academies; Police Auxiliaries; Police Benefit Associations; Police Benevolent Associations; Police Chaplains; Police Departments; Police Protective Associations; Police Reserves; Police Training; Sheriffs Associations; Sheriff's Posse; Sheriffs Posse

Scope notes: USE for Fraternal Order of Police 501(c)(3) organizations only; USE Y41 501(c)(8) FOPs or Y42 for 501(c)(10) FOPs.

Excludes: Police Athletic Leagues. USE Youth Centers & Clubs (O20)

NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples: I70 - I7 - Search I70 - Protection Against Abuse

Organizations that attempt to reduce the incidence of child abuse, elder abuse and spouse abuse in family settings through educational interventions which may focus on children of various ages, parents, people who work with families and/or the community at large.

Key words: Abuse of the Elderly; Abuse Prevention; Crimes Against the Elderly; Domestic Violence; Elder Abuse; Granny Bashing; Granny Dumping; King Lear Syndrome; Violence in the Family; Violence Prevention; Violent Families

See also: Civil Liberties; Civil Rights; Family Violence Shelters; Sexual Assault Services

NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples I71 - Search I71 - Spouse Abuse Prevention

Organizations that deal specifically with the prevention of domestic violence through educational interventions which may focus on batterers, people at risk for domestic violence, people who work with battered women and/or the community at large.

Key words: Battered Husbands; Battered Wives; Conjugal Crime Prevention; Domestic Abuse Prevention; Domestic Rape Prevention; Domestic Violence; Husband Abuse Prevention; Marital Rape Prevention; Spousal Abuse Prevention; Wife Abuse Prevention

See also: Family Violence Shelters

NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples I72 - Search I72 - Child Abuse Prevention

Organizations that deal specifically with the prevention of child abuse including incest through educational interventions which may focus on children of various ages, parents, people who work with families and/or the community at large.

Key words: Abuse of Children; Abused Children; Abusive Parents; Battered Children; CAC; Child Abuse Hotlines; Child Abuse Prevention; Child Neglect; Child Protection; Cruelty to Children; Domestic Violence; Incest; Infanticide; Parents Anonymous; Prevention of Child Mistreatment; Shaken Baby Syndrome

NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples I73 - Search I73 - Sexual Abuse Prevention

Organizations that deal specifically with the prevention of sexual assault (for adults and children).

Key words: Child Molestation Prevention; Dating Violence Prevention; Domestic Violence; Rape Prevention; Sexual Assault Prevention; Sex Offender Registration

See also: Sexual Assault Services

NAICS: 541110   Largest/examples: I80 - I8 - Search I80 - Legal Services

Organizations that provide general legal aid regarding criminal and/or civil matters at little or no cost for individuals who are economically disadvantaged.

Key words: Court-appointed Counsel; Discrimination Assistance; Equal Employment Opportunity; Fair Housing; Fair Housing Counseling; Guardians ad Litem; Guardianship; Housing Discrimination Assistance; Housing Discrimination Counseling; Landlord/Tenant Law; Legal Aid; Legal Aid to the Poor; Legal Counseling; Legal Representation; Legal Services for Indigents; Pro Bono Cases; Public Defenders

See also: Dispute Resolution & Mediation

NAICS: 541110   Largest/examples I83 - Search I83 - Public Interest Law

Organizations that primarily handle class action litigation and lawsuits related to issues of interest to the public in general rather than assisting individuals.

Key words: Class Action Lawsuits; Public Interest Law; Public Interest Litigation

See also: Environment, Advocacy (C01); Environment, Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis (C05)

NAICS: 541199   Largest/examples I99 - Search I99 - Crime & Legal-Related N.E.C.

Use this code for organizations that clearly provide crime and legal related services where the major purpose is unclear enough that a more specific code cannot be accurately assigned.