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H02 - Diseases & Disorders Research

See also: Diseases & Disorders, General/Other (G02); Mental Health Disorders (COMMON CODE Research & Public Policy Analysis **L)

Use references: Orphan Diseases Research; Psychogenic Diseases Research; Rare Diseases Research

H02.02 - Allergy & Immunological Diseases Research

See also: Allergy & Immunological Diseases (G02.02); HIV/AIDS Research (H02.13.03)

Use references: Allergy Programs Research; Autoimmune Diseases Research; Food & Allergies Intolerance Research; Immunological Diseases Research

H02.03 - Birth Defects, Genetic Disorders & Developmental Disorders Research

See also: Birth Defects, Genetic Disorders & Developmental Disorders (G02.03); Diseases of the Blood & Blood-Forming Organs Research (H02.07)

Use references: Achronplasia Research; Albinism Research; Charcot-Marie Disease Research; Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Research; Clubfoot Research; Coffin-Lowrey Syndrome Research; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research; Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome Research; Marfan Syndrome Research; Oral-Facial Clefts Research; PKU Research; Rh Disease Research; Spina Bifida Research; Sudden Infant Death Research; Tay-Sachs Disease Research; Thalassemia Research; Turner's Syndrome Research;

H02.03.02 - Cerebral Palsy Research

See also: Cerebral Palsy (G02.03.02)

Use references: Little's Disease Research

H02.03.03 - Cystic Fibrosis Research

See also: Cystic Fibrosis (G02.03.03)

H02.03.04 - Down Syndrome Research

See also: Down Syndrome (G02.03.04)

H02.04 - Cancer Research

See also: Cancer (G02.04); Lung Diseases Research (H02.16.03)

Use references: Bladder Cancer Research; Bone Cancer Research; Brain Cancer Research; Brain Neoplasms Research; Brain Tumors Research; Burkitt's Lymphoma Research; Kaposi Sarcoma Research; Liver Cancer Research; Lung Cancer Research; Melanoma Research; Paget's Disease Research; Prostate Cancer Research; Renal Cancer Research; Sarcoma Research; Stomach Cancer Research; Testicular Cancer Research

H02.04.02 - Leukemia Research

See also: Leukemia (G02.04.02)

H02.04.03 - Women's Cancers Research

See also: Women's Cancers (G02.04.03)

Use references: Breast Cancer Research; Cervical Cancer Research; Fallopian Tube Cancer Research; Ovarian Cancer Research; Uterine Cancer Research; Vaginal Cancer Research; Vulva Cancer Research

H02.05 - Cardiovascular Diseases Research

See also: Cardiovascular Diseases (G02.05)

Use references: Arteriosclerosis Research; Phlebology Research; Thromobphlebits Research; Thrombosis Research; Venous Disorders Research

H02.05.02 - Heart Diseases Research

See also: Heart Diseases (G02.05.02)

H02.06 - Communications Disorders Research

See also: Communications Disorders (G02.06); Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases Research (H02.09); Eye Diseases, Blindness & Vision Impairments Research (H02.11),

H02.06.02 - Language & Speech Disorders Research

See also: Language & Speech Disorders (G02.06.02)

Use references: Expressive Language Disorder Research; Stuttering Programs Research

H02.06.03 - Learning Disabilities Research

See also: Learning Disabilities (G02.06.03)

Use references: Acquired Language Disorders Research; Aphasia Programs Research; Dyslexia Programs Research

H02.07 - Diseases of the Blood & Blood-Forming Organs Research

See also: Birth Defects, Genetic Disorders & Developmental Disorders Research (H02.03); Diseases of the Blood & Blood-Forming Organs (G02.07)

Use references: Anemia Research; Besnier-Boeck Disease Research; Boeck's Sarcoid Research; Coagulation Defects Research; Diseases of the Spleen Research; Hemic Diseases Research; Histiocytosis Research; Lymphatic Diseases Research; Marchiafava-Micheli Syndrome Research; Owren's Disease Research; Sarcoidosis Research; Schaumann Disease Research; Stuart-Prower Disease Research; von Willebrand Disease Research

H02.07.02 - Hemophilia Research

See also: Hemophilia (G02.07.02)

H02.07.03 - Sickle Cell Disease Research

See also: Sickle Cell (G02.07.03)

H02.08 - Digestive System Diseases Research

See also: Digestive System Diseases (G02.08)

Use references: Colitis Research; Crohn's Disease Research; Diverticulosis Research; Gastroenteritis Research; Pancreatic Diseases Research; Ulcers Research

H02.08.02 - Liver Diseases Research

See also: Hepatitis Research (H02.13.02); Liver Diseases (G02.08.02)

H02.09 - Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases Research

See also: Communications Disorders Research (H02.06); Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases (G02.09)

Use references: Hearing Loss Research; Laryngitis Research; Meniere's Disease Research; Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases Research; Sinusitis Research; Tonsillitis Research; Vertigo Research;

H02.10 - Endocrine, Metabolic & Nutritional Research

See also: Endocrine, Metabolic & Nutritional Diseases (G02.10)

Use references: Addison's Diseases Research; Dwarfism Research; Thyroid Diseases Research

H02.10.02 - Diabetes Research

See also: Diabetes (G02.10.02)

H02.11 - Eye Diseases, Blindness & Vision Impairments Research

See also: Communications Disorders Research (H02.06); Eye Diseases, Blindness & Vision Impairments (G02.11)

Use references: Blindness Research; Glaucoma Research; Macular Degeneration Research; Retinitis Pigmentosa Research

H02.12 - Genitourinary Diseases Research

See also: Genitourinary Diseases (G02.12); Women's Cancers Research (H02.04.03)

Use references: Cystitis Research; Bladder Diseases Research; Erectile Dysfunction Research; Infertility Research; Menopausal Research; Ovarian Cysts Research; Renal Failure Research; Urinary Tract Research

H02.12.02 - Kidney Diseases Research

See also: Kidney Diseases (G02.12.02)

H02.13 - Infectious Diseases Research

See also: Infectious Diseases (G02.13)

Use references: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) Research; Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Research; Cholera Programs Research; Dengue Programs Research; Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever Research; Encephalitis Programs Research; Epstein-Barr Virus Research; Fifth Disease Research; Foodborne Infections Research; Hansen's Disease Research; Head Lice Research; Hookworm Infection Research; Leprosy Research; Mad Cow Disease Research; Malaria Research; Meningitis Research; Monkeypox Research; Mononucleosis Research; Plague Research; Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Research; Roundworm Research; SARS Research; Scabies Research; Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Research; Sleeping Sickness Research; Tick-borne Diseases Research; Typhoid Fever Research; West Nile Encephalitis Research; West Nile Virus Research; Yellow Fever Research

H02.13.02 - Hepatitis Research

See also: Hepatitis (G02.13.02); Liver Diseases Research (H02.08.02)

H02.13.03 - HIV/AIDS Research

See also: HIV/AIDS (G02.13.03)

Use references: HIV Research; Human Immunodeficiency Viral Research

H02.13.04 - Lyme Disease Research

See also: Lyme Disease (G02.13.04)

H02.13.05 - Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research

See also: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (G02.13.05)

Use references: Chlamydia Research; Genital Herpes Research; Genital Warts Research; Gonorrhea Research; Syphilis Research; Trichomoniasis Research; STD's Research

H02.13.06 - Tuberculosis Research

See also: Tuberculosis (G02.13.06)

Use references: TB Research

H02.14 - Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue Diseases Research

See also: Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue Diseases (G02.14); Spinal Cord Injury Research H02.18.03)

Use references: Scoliosis Research, Spine Diseases Research

H02.14.02 - Arthritis Research

See also: Arthritis (G02.14.02)

H02.14.03 - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research

See also: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (G02.14.03)

H02.14.04 - Lupus Research

See also: Lupus (G02.14.04)

H02.14.05 - Muscular Dystrophy Research

See also: Muscular Dystrophy (G02.14.05)

H02.14.06 - Osteoporosis Research

See also: Osteoporosis (G02.14.06)

H02.15 - Nervous System Diseases Research

See also: Nervous System Diseases (G02.15)

Use references: Arnold Chiari Syndrome Research; Batten Disease Research; Bell's Palsy Research; Dysautonomia Research; Guillain-Barre Syndrome Research; Hemiplegia Research; Huntington's Disease Research; Myasthenia Gravis Research; Myoclonus Research; Neurological Diseases Research; Reye's Syndrome Research; Tuberous Sclerosis Research

H02.15.02 - Alzheimer Disease Research

See also: Alzheimer Disease (G02.15.02); Geriatrics Research (H03.05)

H02.15.03 - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research

See also: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (G02.15.03)

Use references: Lou Gehrig Disease Research

H02.15.04 - Epilepsy Research

See also: Epilepsy (G02.15.04)

H02.15.05 - Multiple Sclerosis Research

See also: Multiple Sclerosis (G02.15.05)

Use references: MS Research

H02.15.06 - Parkinson Disease Research

See also: Parkinson Disease (G02.15.06)

H02.16 - Respiratory System Diseases Research

See also: Respiratory System Diseases (G02.16)

Use references: Common Cold Research; Croup Research; Whooping Cough Research

H02.16.02 - Asthma Research

See also: Asthma (G02.16.02)

H02.16.03 - Lung Diseases Research

See also: Cancer Research (H02.04); Lung Diseases (G02.16.03)

Use references: Acute Respiratory Distress Research; Adult Respiratory Distress Research; ARDS Research; Asbestosis Research; Black Lung Disease Research; Emphysema Research; Pneumonia Research; Respiratory Distress Syndrome Research

H02.17 - Skin Diseases Research

See also: Skin Diseases (G02.17)

Use references: alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency Research; Alopecia Research; Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa research; Psoriasis Research; Sjogren's Syndrome Research; Vitiligo Research

H02.18 - Wounds & Injuries Research

See also: Wounds & Injuries (G02.18)

Use references: Agent Orange Research; Burn Research; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Research; Desert Storm Syndrome Research; Food Poisoning Research; Persian Gulf Syndrome Research

H02.18.02 - Head Injury Research

See also: Head Injury (G02.18.02)

Use references: Brain Injury Research; Traumatic Brain Injury Research

H02.18.03 - Spinal Cord Injury Research

See also: Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue Diseases Research (H02.14); Spinal Cord Injury (G02.18.03)

Use references: Paralysis Research