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NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples F01 - Search F01 - Alliances & Advocacy

Organizations whose activities focus on influencing public policy within the Mental Health, Crisis Intervention major group area. Includes a variety of activities from public education and influencing public opinion to lobbying national and state legislatures.

Key words: Lobbying; Mental Health Alliances; Mental Health Coalitions; Public Awareness

NAICS: 541618   Largest/examples F02 - Search F02 - Management & Technical Assistance

Consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to nonprofit groups within the Mental Health, Crisis Intervention major group area.

Key words: Professional Continuing Education

NAICS: 813920   Largest/examples F03 - Search F03 - Professional Societies & Associations

Learned societies, professional councils, and other organizations that bring together individuals or organizations with a common professional or vocational interest within the Mental Health, Crisis Intervention major group area.

Key words: D A R E Officers; D.A.R.E. Officers; DARE Officers

Scope notes: Includes: Accreditation Boards;

NAICS: 541720   Largest/examples F05 - Search F05 - Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis

Organizations whose primary purpose is to conduct research and/or public policy research within the Mental Health, Crisis Intervention major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples F11 - Search F11 - Single Organization Support

Organizations existing as a support and fund-raising entity for a single institution within the Mental Health & Crisis Intervention major group area.

Scope notes: This code should be used for all forms of support as long as financial support is included. Friends groups are traditionally classified here.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples F12 - Search F12 - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution

Organizations that raise and distribute funds for multiple organizations within the Mental Health, Crisis Intervention major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples F19 - Search F19 - Support N.E.C.

Organizations that provide all forms of support except for financial assistance or fund raising for other organizations within Mental Health, Crisis Intervention major group area.

NAICS: 621420   Largest/examples: F20 - F2 - Search F20 - Substance Abuse Dependency, Prevention & Treatment

Organizations that provide preventive, diagnostic and inpatient, outpatient and residential treatment services as well as transitional support for people who have a physical and/or psychological dependency on alcohol and/or drugs. Use this code for organizations that provide both substance abuse prevention and treatment services.

Key words: Addiction; Alcohol Abuse; Alcoholism; Chemical Dependency; Drug Abuse; Drug Addiction; Substance Abuse; Substance Dependence

See also: Addictive Disorders

NAICS: 621420   Largest/examples F21 - Search F21 - Substance Abuse Prevention

Organizations that provide substance abuse education programs for people who are at risk for substance abuse in an effort to prevent their involvement with drugs and/or alcohol.

Key words: Addiction; Alcohol Abuse Awareness; Alcohol Abuse Education; Alcohol Abuse Prevention; Alcoholism; Chemical Dependency; d a r e; D.A.R.E.; DARE; Drug Abuse Awareness; Drug Abuse Education; Drug Abuse Prevention; Drug Abuse Resistance Education; Drug Addiction; Substance Abuse Awareness; Substance Abuse Education; Substance Abuse Prevention; Substance Dependence

Scope notes: Affiliate Organizations: D.A.R.E.

NAICS: 623220   Largest/examples F22 - Search F22 - Substance Abuse Treatment

Organizations that provide inpatient, outpatient or residential treatment services for individuals who have a physical and/or psychological dependency on alcohol and/or drugs.

Key words: AA; Addiction; Alanon; Alateen; Alcohol Abuse Counseling; Alcohol Abuse Day Treatment; Alcohol Abuse Half-Way Houses; Alcohol Abuse Hotlines; Alcohol Detoxification; Alcoholics Anonymous; Alcoholism Drop-In Services; Alcoholism Recovery Group Homes; Alcoholism Recovery Hospitals; Alcoholism Rehabilitation; Alcohol-Related Crisis Intervention; Assessment for Substance Abuse; Central Intake/Assessment for Alcohol Abuse; Central Intake/Assessment for Drug Abuse; Central Intake/Assessment for Substance Abuse; Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospitals; Cocaine Anonymous; Drug Abuse Counseling; Drug Abuse Day Treatment; Drug Abuse Drop-In Services; Drug Abuse Half-Way Houses; Drug Abuse Hotlines; Drug Abuse Maintenance Treatment; Drug Abuse Recovery Group Homes; Drug Abuse Rehabilitation; Drug Addiction; Drug Dependency Recovery Hospitals; Drug Detoxification; Drug-Related Crisis Intervention; Emergency Alcoholism Services; Emergency Drug Abuse Services; Heroin Detoxification; Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment; Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment; Inpatient Substance Abuse Hospitals; Methadone Detoxification; Naranon; Narcotics Anonymous; Outpatient Alcohol Abuse Treatment; Outpatient Drug Abuse Treatment; Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment; Relapse Prevention/Transitional Substance Abuse; Residential Alcoholism Treatment; Residential Dug Abuse Treatment; Residential Substance Abuse Treatment; Sober Living Centers; Sobering Up Stations; Substance Abuse Counseling; Substance Abuse Crisis Intervention; Substance Abuse Day Treatment; Substance Abuse Drop-In Services; Substance Abuse Half-Way Houses; Substance Abuse Hospitals; Substance Abuse Hotlines; Substance Abuse Maintenance Treatment; Substance Abuse Recovery Group Homes; Substance Abuse Rehabilitation; Substance Dependence; Supportive Recovery Homes; Transitional Housing for Alcohol Abuse; Transitional Housing for Drug Abuse; Transitional Housing for Substance Abuse; Transitional Residential Alcohol Abuse Services; Transitional Residential Drug Abuse Services; Transitional Residential Substance Abuse Services; Twelve-Step Substance Abuse Mutual Support Groups

NAICS: 621420   Largest/examples: F30 - F3 - Search F30 - Mental Health Treatment

Organizations that provide preventive, diagnostic and treatment services in a variety of community and hospital-based settings to help people to achieve and maintain a state of emotional well-being, personal empowerment and the skills to cope with everyday demands without excessive stress. Use this code for types of mental health organizations not specified below or for organizations that combine multiple types of care within the same facility.

Key words: Animal-Assisted Therapy; Clinical Evaluation; Early Intervention; Forensic Psychiatric Evaluations; Hug-A-Pet Programs; Mental Health Related; Mental Health Twelve Step; Mental Health Drop-in Centers; Mental Health Evaluation; Outpatient Mental Health Facilities; Pet-Assisted Therapy; Pet Therapy; Psychiatric Day Treatment Facilities; Psychological Testing; Psychosocial Evaluation;

NAICS: 622210   Largest/examples F31 - Search F31 - Psychiatric Hospitals

Organizations that provide diagnostic and inpatient treatment services for individuals who have acute or chronic mental or emotional disturbances, who require hospitalization.

Key words: Hospitals for the Mentally Ill; Inpatient Mental Health Facilities; Inpatient Mental Health Treatment; Psychiatric Hospitals; State Mental Hospitals

NAICS: 621420   Largest/examples F32 - Search F32 - Community Mental Health Centers

Neighborhood-based organizations that offer counseling, medication and other mental health services for people who have acute or chronic mental or emotional disturbances.

Key words: Community Mental Health Clinics; Neighborhood Mental Health Centers

NAICS: 623220   Largest/examples F33 - Search F33 - Residential Mental Health Treatment

Organizations that provide a therapeutic living environment in community-based facilities for adults or children with emotional and/or behavioral problems who require a structured, supervised treatment program which may include individual, group, family and other treatment modalities as appropriate.

Key words: Boys Ranches; Group Homes, Housing; Mental Health Related; Transitional Residential Mental Health Care; Residential Treatment Facilities, Mental Health Related

Scope notes: Use this term for residential facilities for individuals who would benefit from structured, clinical treatment. For facilities that offer residential care for individuals who need custodial or developmental care use P70 or P73.

See also: Prison Alternatives (I44); Residential Care for Children & Young Adults (P76); Residential Care (P70); Group Homes (P73)

NAICS: 624190   Largest/examples: F40 - F4 - Search F40 - Hot Lines & Crisis Intervention

Organizations that provide in-person or telephone assistance for people who are in acute emotional distress; who are a danger to themselves or to others; who are having suicidal feelings; or who are hysterical, frightened or otherwise unable to cope with a problem that requires immediate action. Use this code for crisis intervention services or hotlines not specified below or for organizations that offer multiple types of crisis intervention, hotline services.

Key words: Crisis Intervention Groups; Telephone Crisis Hotlines; Helplines; Hotlines; Mental Health Hotlines; Suicide Prevention

See also: Addictive Disorders N.E.C.; Substance Abuse Dependency, Prevention & Treatment; Child Abuse Prevention; Family Violence Shelters

NAICS: 624190   Largest/examples F42 - Search F42 - Sexual Assault Services

Organizations that provide telephone crisis intervention services or crisis, short-term and/or ongoing in-person counseling for people who have been sexually assaulted.

Key words: Rape Crisis Counseling; Rape Victim Hotlines; Sexual Assault Services

See also: Child Abuse Prevention; Family Violence Shelters; Sexual Abuse Prevention; Spouse Abuse Prevention; Victims Services

NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples: F50 - F5 - Search F50 - Addictive Disorders N.E.C.

Organizations that provide counseling, medical treatment (where indicated) and other supportive services for individuals who have a psychological dependency involving a particular pattern of behavior, e.g., spending money, sexual compulsions and workaholic behavior.

Key words: Addictive Behavior; Compulsive Behavior; Computer Addiction; Pathological Cravings; Shopaholic; Workaholic

See also: Substance Abuse Dependency, Prevention & Treatment; Substance Abuse Prevention; Substance Abuse Treatment

NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples F52 - Search F52 - Smoking Addiction

Organizations that utilize a variety of techniques to help people who wish to control their dependence on nicotine and give up substances containing nicotine. Also included are smoking education/prevention programs that help persuade people to avoid the habit before they start.

Key words: Anti-Smoking Campaigns; Nicotine Addiction; Nicotine Dependency; Smoking Cessation; Smoking Education; Smoking Prevention; Smoking Withdrawal Clinics; Stop Smoking; Tobacco Addiction; Tobacco Habit

NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples F53 - Search F53 - Eating Disorders & Addictions

Organizations that provide diagnostic and treatment services for individuals who have anorexia nervosa, bulimarexia, bulimia or a related eating disorder.

Key words: Anorexia; Binge Eating; Boulimia; Bulimarexia; Bulimia; Dysorexia; Eating Addictions; Eating Disorders; Hyperphagia; Obesity; Overeating; Pica; Rumination Disorder

NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples F54 - Search F54 - Gambling Addiction

Organizations that provide emotional support, information and guidance for people who are having difficulty controlling their compulsion to gamble.

Key words: Compulsive Gambling; Gamblers Anonymous; Pathological Gambling

NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples: F60 - F6 - Search F60 - Counseling

Organizations that provide treatment services which may include emotional support, problem-solving assistance, information and guidance through a variety of counseling modalities for individuals who are having difficulty in coping with a traumatic experience or a personal relationship or in making the adjustments that are required by their particular stage in life.

Key words: Adolescent Counseling; Adult Incest Survivor Counseling; Anger Management; Bereavement Counseling; Child Abuse Counseling; CISD; Critical Incident Stress Debriefing; Cult Membership Counseling; Cultural Transition Counseling; Disability Counseling; Elder Abuse Counseling; Employee Assistance; Employment Transition Counseling; Family Violence Counseling; Geriatric Counseling; Gestalt Therapy; Grief Counseling; Health Problems Counseling; Parent Abuse Counseling; Peer Counseling; Psychiatric Disorder Counseling; Sexual Offender Counseling; Sexual Orientation Counseling; Sexuality Counseling; Spousal Abuse Counseling; Spouse Abuse Counseling; Terminal Illness Counseling; Veteran Counseling; Youth Counseling

See also: Family Counseling; Sexual Assault Services

NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples: F70 - F7 - Search F70 - Mental Health Disorders

Organizations that provide preventive, diagnostic and treatment services that focus on a particular mental health disorder.

Key words: Acute Stress Disorder; ADD; ADHD; Adjustment Disorders; Affective Disorders; Agoraphobia; Amnesia Antisocial Personality Disorder; Anxiety Disorders; Attention Deficit & Disruptive Behavior Disorders; Attention Deficit Disorders; Attention-Deficiency/Hyperactivity Disorder; Avoidant Personality Disorder; Bipolar Disorder; Body Dymorphic Disorder; Borderline Personality Disorder; Breathing-Related Sleep Disorder; Briquet Syndrome; Capgras Syndrome; Catatonic Schizophrenia; Child Mental Disorders; Childhood Mental Health Disorders; Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder; Clereambault Syndrome; Cognitive Disorders; Conduct Disorders; Conversion Disorder; Cyclothymic Disorder; Delirium; Delusional Disorder; Dementia; Dependent Personality Disorder; Depersonalization Disorder; Depression; Disorganized Schizophrenia; Disruptive Behavior Disorders; Dissociative Amnesia; Dissociative Disorders; Dissociative Identity Disorder; Dysthymic Disorder; Encopresis; Enuresis; Exhibitionism; Factitious Disorders; False Memory Syndrome; Fetishism; Frotteurism; Fugue; GAD: Ganser Syndrome; Gender Dysphoria; Gender Identity Disorder; Generalized Anxiety Disorders; Histrionic Personality Disorder; Hypersomnia; Hypochondria; Hypocondriasis; Hysteria; Insomnia; Intermittent Explosive Disorder; Kleptomania; Kluver-Bucy Syndrome; Manic Depression; Masochism; Mental Disorders; Mental Illness; Mood Disorders; Multiple Personality Disorder; Munchausen Syndrome; Mutism; Narcissistic Personality Disorder; Nightmare Disorder; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders; Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder; OCD; ODD; Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Organic Mental Disorders; Pain Disorders; Panic Attacks; Panic Disorder; Paranoid Personality Disorder; Paranoid Schizophrenia; Paraphilias; Parasomnias; Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder; Pedophilia; Personality Disorders; Postpartum Depression; Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome; Pseudodementia; Pseudopsychosis; Psychiatric Illness; Psychological Sexual Dysfunctions; Psychotic Disorders; Psychotic Disorders; Pyromania; Sadism; Schizoid Personality Disorder; Schizophrenia; Schizotypal Personality Disorder; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Separation Anxiety; Sexual & Gender Identity Disorders; Sexual Arousal Disorders; Sexual Desires Disorders; Sexual Masochism; Sexual Sadism; Shared Paranoid Schizophrenia; Sleep Disorders; Sleep Terror Disorder; Sleepwalking Disorders; Social Phobia; Somatoform Disorders; Stereotypic Movement Disorder; Stress Related Disorders; Tic Disorders; Tourette Syndrome; Transvestic Fetishism; Traumatic Psychoses; Trichotillomania; Vaginismus; Voyeurism

See also: Behavioral Science

NAICS: 813920   Largest/examples: F80 - F8 - Search F80 - Mental Health Associations

Organizations whose purpose is to promote social conditions that enhance the potential in the community for good mental health and to improve methods and facilities for treating mental illness.

Key words: Multipurpose Mental Health Associations

NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples F99 - Search F99 - Mental Health & Crisis Intervention N.E.C.

Use this code for organizations that clearly provide mental health services where the major purpose is unclear enough that a more specific code cannot be accurately assigned.