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E13.02 - Family Planning

See also: Reproductive Rights (R02.04)

Use references: Abortion Counseling; Abortion Referrals; Abortion Services; Artificial Insemination; Artificial Insemination; Barrier Contraceptives; Birth Control; Birth Control Pills; Cervical Caps; Condoms; Contraception; Contraception Programs; Diaphragms; Emergency Contraception Programs; Fertility Enhancement; Fertility Regulation; Fertility Treatments; Genetic Counseling; In Vitro Fertilization; Infertility Diagnosis; Infertility Services; Infertility Treatment; Intrauterine Devices; IUDs; Morning After Pills; Natural Family Planning; Norplant Implants; Oral Contraceptives; Ovum transfers; Pregnancy Counseling; Pregnancy Prevention; Pregnancy Termination Services; Pregnancy Termination Services; Pregnancy Testing; Pregnancy Tests; Prenatal Counseling; Pro-Choice Counseling; Pro-Choice Counseling; Pro-Life Counseling Right to Life Counseling;; Rhythm Method; RU486; Sterilization Services; Sterilization Services; Surrogate Mother Programs; Tubal Ligations; Tubal Sterilization; Vasectomies;