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E12 - Rehabilitation Services

See also: Down Syndrome (G02.03.04); Down Syndrome Research (H02.03.04); Services for Individuals with Disabilities (P11.03); Vocational Rehabilitation (J04)

Use references: Amputee Rehabilitation; Cardiac Rehabilitation; Corrective Therapy; Hand Rehabilitation; Head Injury Rehabilitation; Inpatient Rehabilitation; Kinesio Therapy; Physical Medicine; Post Stroke Therapy; Pulmonary Rehabilitation; Respiratory Therapy; Spinal Cord Rehabilitation; Stroke Rehabilitation; Ventilator Care; Ventilator Weaning

E12.06 - Early Intervention & Prevention

See also: Special Education (B04.20)

Use references: Early Intervention Programs for Children with Disabilities

E12.07 - Independent Living Skills

See also: Services for Individuals with Disabilities (P11.03)

Use references: Activities of Daily Living

E12.08 - Occupational Therapy

See also: Assistive Technology Equipment Provision (E08.02); Services for Individuals with Disabilities (P11.03) Vocational Rehabilitation (j04)

Use references: Assistive Technologies; Environmental Adaptations; Pediatric Occupational Therapy

E12.09 - Physical Therapy

See also: Sports Medicine (G03.12); Sports Medicine Research (H03.12)

Use references: Cryotherapy; Electrical Stimulation; Hydrotherapy; Kinesiology; Kinesiotherapy; Physiotherapy; Therapeutic Kinesiology; Water Therapy

E12.10 - Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired

Use references: Hearing Disorders Rehabilitation; Hearing Impairments; Lip-reading Programs

E12.11 - Rehabilitation of Language & Speech Disorders

See also: Language & Speech Disorders (G02.06.02); Language & Speech Disorders Research (G02.06.02)

Use references: Language Disorder; Language Pathology; Language and Speech Disorder Rehabilitation; Speech Defects; Speech Disorders; Speech Pathology; Speech Therapy; Stuttering Programs; Voice Problems