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E08 - Patient & Family Support

Use references: Advance Care Planning; Advance Directives Planning; Advance Health Care Planning; Advance Medical Planning; Dental Referrals; Discharge Planning; End of life Care Planning; End of life Planning; End-of-life Care Planning; End-of-life Planning; Health Care Referrals; Hospital Discharge Planning; Medical Case Management; Medical Social Services; Medical Social Work; Nursing Facility Referrals; Nursing Registries; Optometric Referrals; Physician Referrals; Terminal Care Planning

E08.02 - Assistive Technology Equipment Provision

See also: Occupational Therapy (E12.08)

E08.03 - Health Care Equipment & Supplies Provision

See also: Home Health Care (E09.04)

Use references: Adapted Health Care Devices; Adhesive Dressings; Air Purifiers; Apnea Monitors; Bandages; Bed Pans; Bed Trays; Blood Pressure Monitors; Cardiac Monitors; Clinitron Beds; Colostomy Supplies; Diabetic Supplies; Gauze; Heart Monitors; Hernia Supports; Ileostomy Supplies; Incontinence Supplies; Insulin; Ionizers; IV Equipment; Medical Dressing; Medication Dispensing Systems; Monitoring Equipment; Ostomy Supplies; Oxygen Concentrators; Parasitic Disease Drug Service; Patient Sanitary Appliances; Portable Urinals; Portable Volume Ventilators; Prescription Drugs; Respiratory Aids; Sanitary Chairs; Sickroom Equipment; Sickroom Supplies; Splints; Surgical Stockings; Therapy Beds; Traction Equipment; Urostomy Supplies; Ventilators

E08.05 - Health Insurance Counseling

See also: Health Insurance (Y02.03)

Use references: Medicare Counseling; Medigap Insurance Counseling

E08.07 - Medical Expense Assistance

See also: Emergency Assistance (P03); Health Insurance (Y02.03); Temporary Financial Aid (P03.05)

Use references: AIDS Drug Assistance Program; Dental Bill Assistance; Dental Vouchers; Doctor Bill Assistance; Health Insurance Premium Assistance; Hospital Bill Assistance; Medical Bill Assistance; Medication Expense Assistance; Prescription Expense Assistance; Ryan White Consortium

E08.08 - Patient Education
E08.09 - Patient & Family Enrichment
E08.10 - Patient & Family Housing

See also: Housing Programs, General/Other; Housing Provision, General/Other

Use references: Cancer Lodges; Hospital Lodges; Hospitality Houses; Patient Housing; Ronald McDonald Houses; Hostels; Medical Apartments; Medical Treatment Lodges

E08.11 - Wish Foundation Programs

Use references: Make-A-Wish Programs