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NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples E01 - Search E01 - Alliances & Advocacy

Organizations whose activities focus on influencing public policy within the Health - General and Rehabilitative major group area. Includes a variety of activities from public education and influencing public opinion to lobbying national and state legislatures.

Key words: Health Care Alliances; Health Care Reform; Health Care Coalitions; Lobbying; Public Awareness

NAICS: 541618   Largest/examples E02 - Search E02 - Management & Technical Assistance

Consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to nonprofit groups within the Health - General and Rehabilitative major group area.

Key words: Health Administration; Health Management and Technical Assistance; Professional Continuing Education; Peer Review; Quality Assurance

Scope notes: Includes organizations that provide peer review and quality improvement services (e.g. review Medicare and Medicaid contracts and case outcomes). (rev 2007)

DO NOT USE for comprehensive management support for mutlithospital or diversified single hospital systems (USE E21), or for organizations that provide management and operational support services to specific healthcare organizations (i.e. unrelated to patient care), such as real estate management or billing services for a medical center (USE E19). (rev 2007)
DO NOT USE for organizations that provide direct patient care (USE E2 or E3 codes), or that offer a wide range of health support services (USE E6 codes). (rev 2007)

NAICS: 813920   Largest/examples E03 - Search E03 - Professional Societies & Associations

Learned societies, professional councils, and other organizations that bring together individuals or organizations with a common professional or vocational interest within the Health - General and Rehabilitative major group area.

Key words: American Medical Association; American Hospital Association; Health Associations; Health Professional Societies; National League for Nursing; Nurses Bureau; Nurses Register

Scope notes: Includes: Accreditation Boards;

NAICS: 541720   Largest/examples E05 - Search E05 - Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis

Organizations whose primary purpose is to conduct research and/or public policy research within the Health - General and Rehabilitative major group area.

Key words: Health Care Public Policy; Health Care Research; Health Policy Research and Analysis

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples E11 - Search E11 - Single Organization Support

Organizations existing as a support and fund-raising entity for single institutions, multihospital health care systems, and similar diversified health systems comprised of closely-affiliated organizations within the Health Care major group area.

Key words: Hospital Auxiliaries; Hospital Foundations

Scope notes: This code should be used for all forms of support as long as financial support is included. Friends groups and hospital 'auxiliary boards' are traditionally classified here, which may conduct activities such as annual fundraising events or operate retail gift shops and cafes.

DOES NOT INCLUDE volunteer organizations that provide support services or financial assistance to patients and their families (USE E86).

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples E12 - Search E12 - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution

Organizations that raise and distribute funds for multiple organizations within the Health - General and Rehabilitative major group area.

Key words: Community or Regional Health Foundations

Scope notes: DOES NOT INCLUDE organizations that raise funds for closely-related healthcare organizations, such as mutlithospital or diversified single hospital systems (USE E11).

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples E19 - Search E19 - Support N.E.C.

Organizations that provide all forms of support except for financial assistance, fund raising, or patient care services for other organizations within the Health General and Rehabilitative major group area.

Key words: 501(e) Cooperative Hospital Service Organizations

Scope notes: Use for organizations that provide a narrow scope of management and operational support services to specific healthcare organizations (such as real estate management or billing services for a healthcare system)

DO NOT USE for organizations that own, manage or control a healthcare system (USE E21), or that provide services related to patient care (USE appropriate codes ranging from E20s through E90s as specified below).

NAICS: 622110   Largest/examples: E20 - E2 - Search E20 - Hospitals

Twenty-four hour medical institutions that provide diagnostic and treatment services for people whose illnesses require an overnight stay. Most hospitals also provide a variety of services on an outpatient basis. Use this code for hospitals not specified below.

Scope notes: DO NOT USE for health care facilities that provide outpatient care only, USE the appropriate E30 code.

See also: Hospices; Nursing Facilities

NAICS: 622110   Largest/examples E21 - Search E21 - Community Health Systems

Multihospital health care systems that have two or more hospitals owned, leased, sponsored, or managed by a central organization. Also includes parent companies of diversified single hospital systems that provide comprehensive management and support services for the hospital. (rev. 9/2005)

Key words: Community-Based Health Services; Health Care Systems; Hospital Management Corporations; Multihospital Health Care Systems; Multihospital Systems;

Scope notes: INCLUDES parent organizations that may also provide one or more common services such as information systems, payroll processing, and investment management to their subsidiary organizations.

DO NOT USE for organizations that provide an array of management and operational services to related organizations, but do not provide the centralized control, oversight, planning, and coordination functions that are generally associated with a 'parent' organization (USE E19).

NAICS: 622110   Largest/examples E22 - Search E22 - General Hospitals

Health care facilities that are licensed to operate twenty-four hours per day and offer diagnostic and treatment services as well as emergency and critical care services for people who have illnesses or injuries which require immediate, short-term intervention.

Key words: Acute Care Critical Access Hospitals; Acute Care Hospitals; Acute Care Medical Faciltities; Acute Care Medical Centers; Cardiac Intensive Care; Coronary Intensive Care; Emergency Rooms; Emergicenters; General Acute Care Hospitals; General Hospitals; General Intensive Care; High Risk Infant Unit Care; Hospital Emergency Care; Hospital-Based Emergency Care; ICUs; Inpatient Hospital Care; Intensive Care; Medical Centers; Military Hospitals; Neonatal Intensive Care; Neurological Intensive Care; Osteopathic hospitals; Pediatric Intensive Care; Premature Nurseries; Respiratory Intensive Care; State Hospitals; Subacute Care Hospitals; Surgical Intensive Care; Trauma Centers; Veterans Hospitals

Scope notes: General hospitals can provide non-hospital health care services such as long-term, rehabilitative, and nursing care, as well as maintain freestanding outpatient and diagnostic facilities. These facilities should be differentiated from Community Health Systems (E21) which include either two or more hospitals or are parent companies of diversified single hospital systems; Ambulatory & Primary Health Care (E30) which are restricted to outpatient care only; and Nursing Facilities (E91), which provide long-term care.

Includes: Teaching hospitals that file separate IRS documents from their parent university.

Excludes: Comprehensive management support for single hospital systems, USE E21.

NAICS: 622310   Largest/examples E24 - Search E24 - Specialty Hospitals

Health care facilities like orthopedic hospitals or cancer hospitals that provide diagnostic and treatment services on an inpatient basis for people who have specified medical conditions.

Key words: Cancer Hospitals; Childrens Hospitals; ; Extended Care Hospitals; Eye Hospitals; Maternity Hospitals; Orthopedic Hospitals; Rehabilitation Hospitals; Shriners Hospitals; Specialty Hospitals; Womens Hospitals

Scope notes: USE E22 Specialty Hospitals for rehabilitation facilities that offer 24-hour care. Rehabilitation hospitals may also provide long term residential care and should not be confused with E91 Nursing Facilities. USE E50 for organizations that provide rehabilitative care on an outpatient basis only. EXCLUDE: PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS: Use F31

NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples: E30 - E3 - Search E30 - Ambulatory & Primary Health Care

Health centers, clinics, and other facilities that provide walk-in, walk-out diagnostic and treatment services for people whose care does not require confinement or a hospital stay. Use this code for types of outpatient facilities or services not specified below.

Key words: Acupuncture; Alternative Health Clinics; Ambulatory Surgical Centers; Ambulatory Surgery; Biofeedback; Burn Centers; Burn Institutes; Chiropractic; Day Surgery; Dental Clinics; Dental Care; Diagnostic Facilities; Diagnostic Imaging; Dialysis Centers; Eye Screening Clinics; Foot Clinics; Herbal Medicine; Homeopathic Medicine; Hospital-Based Outpatient Care; Infant Care Clinics; Infant Centers; Medical Testing Laboratories; Mobile Dental Care; Naturopathic Medicine; Neonatal Care Clinics; Neonatal Centers; Optometry Clinics; Outpatient Care; Outpatient Surgery; Pain Management; Podiatry; Rural Health Care; Rural Medical Service; Traditional Healing Arts; Well Baby Care;Well Baby Clinics;Well-Baby Care;Well-Baby Clinics

Scope notes: USE for clinics and outpatient facilities that are established by a hospital or diversified healthcare system. USE E32 for clinics that are established by the community rather than a hospital.

NAICS: 621491   Largest/examples E31 - Search E31 - Group Health Practices

Organizations that provide both health care services and underwrite health and medical insurance. Also included are medical groups which provide health care for HMO members on a contract with the HMO and physician practice groups generally associated with teaching, research, and public hospitals.

Key words: Group Health Practices; Health Maintenance Organizations; HMOs; Managed Care; Managed Health Care; Primary Health Care Providers

Scope notes: USE for health care organizations with physicians and other medical staff primarily engaged in providing a range of medical services to the health maintenance organization (HMO) subscribers with a focus generally on primary health care. These organizations are owned by the HMO. Included are HMO's that both provide health care services and underwrite health and medical insurance policies. DO NOT USE for HMO's primarily engaged in underwriting and administering health and medical insurance policies and Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers. USE E80 - Health (General & Financing).

Includes group medical practice associations and physician practice corporations which support the medical, educational, and research activities of nonprofit healthcare organizations (e.g., teaching, research, and public hospitals). Also includes networks of physicians.

See also: Health (General & Financing)

NAICS: 621498   Largest/examples E32 - Search E32 - Community Clinics

Outpatient facilities, many previously known as free clinics, established by the community rather than a hospital which provide basic medical care including physical examinations, immunizations, family planning, nutrition assistance and diagnosis and treatment of common ailments. Services are available on an ability-to-pay basis and target low-income and indigent community residents.

Key words: Ambulatory Health Centers; Clinics; Community Clinics; Community Health Centers; Community Health Clinics; Free Clinics; Health Centers; Health Clinics; Mobile Health Care; Walk-in Clinics

NAICS: 621410   Largest/examples: E40 - E4 - Search E40 - Reproductive Health Care

Organizations that provide medical, educational and counseling services which relate to the conception, delivery and care of offspring. Use this code for organizations other than family planning centers that offer reproductive health services.

Key words: Abortion Clinics; Alternative Birthing Services; Birth Education; Birth Orientation; Birthing Centers; Childbirth Preparation Centers; Delivery/Childbirth Services; Early Pregnancy Classes; Fertility Treatment Centers; Genetic Counseling; Human Sexuality Counseling; Human Sexuality Education; Infertility Treatment; Lamaze; Maternal and Infant Care; Maternity Care; Midwifery; Natural Childbirth Education; Neonatal Care; Newborn Infant Care; Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics; Post Abortion Care; Postpartum Care; Pregnancy Termination Clinics; Prenatal Care Centers; Prenatal Counseling; Pro-Choice Counseling; Pro-Life Counseling; Right to Life Counseling; Safe Sex; Sex Education; Voluntary Sterilization Centers; Sterilization; Womens Health Centers

See also: Children & Youth Services; Family Services for Adolescent Parents; Ambulatory & Primary Health Facilities

NAICS: 621410   Largest/examples E42 - Search E42 - Family Planning

Organizations that provide assistance for people who want to control the size of their families and the spacing of their children, either through some form of birth control or naturally. Use this code for Planned Parenthood organizations.

Key words: Birth Control; Birth Spacing; Contraception; Contraceptives; Family Planning; Natural Family Planning; Planned Parenthood; Pregnancy Prevention

NAICS: 621340   Largest/examples: E50 - E5 - Search E50 - Rehabilitative Care

Organizations that provide, on an outpatient basis, a combination of treatment and education services to restore maximum functioning, a sense of well-being and a personally satisfying level of independence for individuals who have temporary or permanent disabilities. Use this code for Easter Seal Society.

Key words: Art Therapy; Audiological evaluations; Auditory Training; Corrective Therapy; Cued Speech Instruction; Easter Seal Societies; Equestrian Therapy; Equine-facilitated Therapy; Equine Therapy; Dance Therapy; Easter Seal Society; Finger Spelling Instruction; Hippo Therapy; Horse Therapy; Hydrotherapy; Kinesiology; Language Therapy; Music Therapy; Occupational Therapy; Oral Communication Instruction; Pediatric Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Sign Language Instruction; Speech and Hearing Centers; Speech and Language Evaluations; Speech Therapy; Therapeutic Horseback Riding; Therapeutic Horsemanship; Therapeutic Riding; Total Communication Instruction; Water Therapy

Scope notes: USE for organizations that provide rehabilitative care on an outpatient basis only. USE E22 Specialty Hospitals for rehabilitation facilities that offer 24-hour care.

Use for organizations that provide diagnostic testing and treatment for individuals who have speech and/or language problems.

Definition revised 10/2005

See also: Blind & Visually Impaired Centers; Deaf & Hearing Impaired Centers; Developmentally Disabled Centers; Centers to Support the Independence of Specific Populations; Special Education; Vocational Rehabilitation

NAICS: 621999   Largest/examples: E60 - E6 - Search E60 - Health Support

Organizations that provide equipment, services or other forms of support which are supplemental to the treatment or rehabilitation of people who have illnesses, injuries or disabilities; or which are instrumental in the prevention of illnesses, injuries or disabilities prior to their occurrence. Use this code for organizations that provide a wide range of health support services or which offer services not specified below.

Key words: Cooperative Hospital Services; Pharmaceutical Services; Pharmacies; Pharmacology; Shock, Trauma Programs

Scope notes: USE for laboratory and radiology services provided to exempt hospitals and physician practices, but use E31 for physician group practices (e.g. Radiologists).

See also: Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services; Public Health; Centers to Support the Independence of Specific Populations

NAICS: 621991   Largest/examples E61 - Search E61 - Blood Banks

Organizations that acquire, process, type, transport and store whole blood and blood products including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma constituents for use by people who need transfusions; and which conduct pretransfusion compatibility tests to ensure that blood transfusions, when necessary, are as safe as possible.

Key words: Blood Banks; Blood Donations; Blood Donor Stations; Blood Drives; Blood Supply; Plasma Supply; Whole Blood Substitute

NAICS: 621910   Largest/examples E62 - Search E62 - Emergency Medical Services & Transport

Organizations that provide pre-hospital emergency medical care and rapid transportation to health care facilities.

Key words: Advanced Life Support; Ambulance; Ambulance Transport; Basic Life Support,; Emergency Medical Air Transport; Emergency Medical Care; Emergency Medical Services; Emergency Medical Technicians; Emergency Medical Transport; Emergency Medical Vehicle; EMS; EMT; First Aid Squads; First Responders; Life Squad; Lifelines; Mercy Flights; Rescue Squads; Trauma Care; Trauma Systems;

Scope notes: Excludes: Animal rescue; use Animal Protection & Welfare (D20).

Term name and scope revised 5/2005

See also: Search & Rescue Squads (M23)

NAICS: 621991   Largest/examples E65 - Search E65 - Organ & Tissue Banks

Organizations that accept donated hearts, kidneys, livers, skin and other organs and tissue for use in transplant operations.

Key words: Anatomical Gifts; Body Donations; Bone Banks; Bone Marrow Donations; Ear Banks; Eye Banks; Organ Banks; Organ Donations; Tissue Banks; Tissue Donations

NAICS: 446110   Largest/examples E6A - Search E6A - Pharmacies and drug stores
NAICS: 621999   Largest/examples: E70 - E7 - Search E70 - Public Health

Organizations that inform the public of health and safety hazards and measures for furthering the early detection, treatment or rehabilitation of people who have an illness, injury or disability.

Key words: Biohazards Research; Biostatistics; Centers for Disease Control; Childhood Immunizations; Communicable Diseases Control and Prevention; Community Health Promotion; Community Wellness; Disease Outbreaks; Diseases Control and Prevention; Employee Health; Environmental Health Hazards; Environmental Health; Environmental Medicine; Environmental Toxicology; Epidemiology; Ergonomics; Flu Shots; Foreign Travel Shots; Health Biostatistics; Health Fairs; Health Maintenance; Health Promotion; Health Screening; Immunizations; Industrial Hygiene; Industrial Medicine; Industrial Safety; Inoculations; International Health; International Public Health; Mass Health Screening; Medical Biostatistics; National Health; National Institutes of Health; Occupation Health Promotion; Occupational Health and Safety; Occupational Safety; Preventive Health; Public Health Medicine; Sexually Transmitted Disease Control, Prevention; Surgeon General; Vaccinations; Venereal Disease Control, Prevention; Virology; Wellness; Worker Health; Workplace Health Promotion; Workplace Safety; Workplace Wellness; Worksite Wellness; World Health

See also: Family Planning Centers; First Aid; Nutrition Programs; Pollution Abatement & Control Services; Safety Education

NAICS: 524114   Largest/examples: E80 - E8 - Search E80 - Health (General & Financing)

Organizations that are concerned primarily with one or more aspects of health financing or that provide services which relate to health care in general.

Key words: Advance Care Planning; Advance Directives Planning; Advance Health Care Planning; Advance Medical Planning; Black Lung Benefits Trust; End of life Care Planning; End of life Planning; End-of-life Care Planning; End-of-life Planning; AIDS Drug Assistance; Black Lung Benefit Trusts; Health Care Cost Containment; Bioethics; Health Care Costs; Health Care Economics; Health Care Fees & Charges; Health Care Financing; Health Insurance; Health Insurance Counseling; Health Insurance Premium Assistance; HMO Financing; Hospital Bill Assistance; Medical Bioethics; Medical Care Costs; Medical Ethics; Medical Expense Assistance; Medical Sociology; Medicare Counseling; Medigap Insurance Counseling; Medication Expense Assistance; Patient Care Planning; Patient Services; Prepaid Health Care; Prescription Drug Costs; Prescription Expense Assistance; Ryan White Consortium; State-Sponsored High-Risk Health Coverage; Treatment Costs; Terminal Care Planning

Scope notes: USE for organizations that are primarily engaged in initially underwriting (i.e., assuming the risk and assigning premiums) health and medical insurance policies. Group hospitalization plans and HMO establishments (except those providing health care services) that provide health and medical insurance policies without providing health care services are included here.

Includes: 501(c)(21) and 501(c)(26) organizations.

Excludes: HMO establishments that provide health care services in addition to health care insurance. Use E31 Group Health Practices.

NAICS: 621999   Largest/examples E86 - Search E86 - Patient & Family Support

Organizations that provide support services to patients and their families. Programs can include social and recreational activities for people who are recovering from surgery or a serious illnesses; supportive services for children who are ill and for their families which enable family members to remain with a child who is hospitalized; family and sibling support groups, and programs which attempt to make a gravely or terminally ill child’s final days, weeks and months more pleasant. (rev. 9/2005)

Key words: Caregiver Support; Caregiver Training; Cancer Lodges; Health Care Counseling; Health Resocialization; Hostels; Hospital Lodges; Hospitality Houses; Make-a-Wish; Medical Apartments; Medical Treatment Lodges; Patient Entertainment; Patient Housing; Patient/ Family Housing; Patient/Family Enrichment; Patient Recreation; Patient Services Counseling; Ronald McDonald Houses; Wish Foundations

Scope notes: Includes: Organizations that provide financial assistance to victims of catastrophic illnesses and their families.

See also: Hospices (P74)

NAICS: 623110   Largest/examples: E90 - E9 - Search E90 - Nursing

Organizations that provide nursing care on an inpatient or home-care basis for people who need continuous care but are not in an acute phase of their illness. Use this code for organizations that provide nursing services that are not specified below.

NAICS: 623110   Largest/examples E91 - Search E91 - Nursing Facilities

Inpatient facilities, also known as convalescent hospitals and nursing homes, that provide skilled nursing and personal care over an extended period of time for people who are no longer in an acute phase of their illness.

Key words: Adult Family Care Homes; Alzheimers Homes; Chronic Care Homes; Convalescent Facilities; Convalescent Hospitals; Extended Care Facilities; Geriatric Centers; Homes for Aging; Intermediate Care Facilities; Long Term Care Facilities; Long Term Custodial Care; Long-Term Care Facilities; Long-Term Custodial Care; Nursing Care; Nursing Home Facilities; Nursing Homes; Rest Homes; Skilled Nursing Facilities

Scope notes: Use for homes for the aged which are restricted to long-term geriatric facilities providing supervised medical and nursing services. These facilities should be differentiated from Senior Continuing Care Communities (P75), which are for the elderly or aged who need assistance with everyday activities and can include facilities that offer housing, services and nursing care all at one location.

See also: Senior Continuing Care Communities (P75)

NAICS: 621610   Largest/examples E92 - Search E92 - Home Health Care

Visiting nurse associations and other similar organizations that provide skilled nursing care and related health services on a home care basis for recently discharged hospital patients, and elderly or disabled individuals who may otherwise be institutionalized.

Key words: Geriatric Home Nursing; Home Infusion Therapy; Home Care Services; Home Infusion Therapy; Home Nursing Care; Medical/Surgical Home Nursing; Oncology Home Nursing; Pediatric Home Nursing; Private Duty Nursing; Psychiatric Home Nursing; Registered Home Nursing; Rehabilitation Home Nursing; Restorative Home Nursing; Visiting Doctors; Visiting Nurses; Visiting Physicians

See also: In-Home Assistance; Hospices

NAICS: 621999   Largest/examples E99 - Search E99 - Health Care N.E.C.

Use this code for organizations that clearly provide medical care services where the major purpose is unclear enough that a more specific code cannot be accurately assigned.