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D03 - Animal Protection & Welfare

See also: Veterinary Services (D04); Wild Animals Preservation & Protection (D05.05)

Use references: Adopt-A-Burro; Adopt-A-Greyhound; Alligator Control; Animal Adoption; Animal Lost & Found Programs; Animal Protection ; Animal Rescue & Shelter Programs; Animal Shelters; Animal Transportation Safety; Anti-Fur Protests (with General Code ADVOCACY); Anti-Hunting (with General Code ADVOCACY; Anti-Vivisection Protests (with General Code ADVOCACY); Coyote Control; Deer Control; Dog Feces Violation; Foster Care for Animals; Found Pets; Greyhound Adoption; Greyhound Rescue; Homeless Animals; Humane Care & Treatment of Animals (with General Code PUBLIC EDUCATION & AWARENESS); Leash Law Enforcement; Lost Animal Services; Lost Pet Services; Missing Pets; Pet Adoption; Pet Reunification Services; Predator Control; PUBLIC EDUCATION & AWARENESS); Snake Control; Stray Animal Assistance; Spaying & Neutering; Stray Animals; Unwanted Animals; Unwanted Pets;

D03.02 - Animal Control

See also: Pest Control (C06.05)

Use references: Alligator Control; Coyote Control; Deer Control; Dog Feces Violation; Leash Law Enforcement; Predator Control; Snake Control; Stray Animal Assistance

D03.03 - Farm & Domestic Animal Protection & Welfare

Use references: Adopt-A-Horse; Adopt-A-Race Horse; Farm Animals Sanctuary; Horse Sanctuary; Rabbit Rescue; Show Horse Adoption

D03.04 - Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Enforcement

Use references: Animal Cruelty Investigation; Mistreatment of Animals