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C03 - Environmental & Sustainable Design

See also: Business Districts Revitalization (S03.03); Community Renewal (S03); Sustainable Agriculture (K02.07);

Use references: ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities; Architectural Accessibility; Barrier Free Design; Ecodevelopment; Ecologically Sustainable Design; Handicapped Accessibility, Pedestrian Facilities Design; Permaculture; Resource Stewardship; Sustainable Design, Sustainable Development

C03.02 - Architectural & Landscape Design

See also: Architecture (A05.03); Historic Preservation & Conservation (A04.04)

Use references: CDC Services; Community Design Center Services; Interior Design Services; Landscaping; Participatory Design

C03.03 - Environmental & Urban Beautification

See also: Community Renewal (S03); Horticulture (C04)

Use references: Billboard Regulation; City Beautification Programs; Graffiti Removal; Highway Rest Areas Maintenance; Litter Control; Roadside Rest Areas Maintenance; Tree Planting

C03.04 - Land Use Planning

See also: Community Renewal (C03); Geography (V06); Land Conservation (C05.03); Urban Studies (V08.07)

Use references: Environmental Impact Assessments; Environmental Impact Reports; Greenways; Land Use Policy; Open Spaces Preservation; Smart Growth Initiatives; Urban Sprawl; Zoning