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Largest/examples C - Search C - Environment

Private nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is to preserve, protect and improve the environment.

Scope notes: Includes: Organizations that are involved in pollution control and abatement; conservation and development of natural resources; control or elimination of hazardous or toxic substances including pesticides; solid waste management; urban beautification and open spaces development; environmental education and outdoor survival; and botanical gardens and horticultural societies.

Excludes: Organizations including those that operate refuges and fisheries that focus on the protection and preservation of wildlife (see D-Animal-Related); programs that focus on the protection and preservation of farmlands or soil and water conservation for agricultural, food production purposes (see K-Food, Agriculture & Nutrition); and organizations that develop and maintain recreational parks (see N-Recreation & Sports).

NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples C01 - Search C01 - Alliances & Advocacy

Organizations whose activities focus on influencing public policy within the Environment major group area. Includes a variety of activities from public education and influencing public opinion to lobbying national and state legislatures.

Key words: Anti-Litter Campaigns; Anti-Sprawl; Environmental Alliances; Environmental Coalitions; Environmental Impact Statements; Environmental Justice; Environmental Law; Land Use Planning; Land Use Policy; Lobbying; Public Awareness; Smart Growth Coalitions; Smartgrowth; Urban Sprawl; Zoning

Scope notes: Includes: Organizations that use the court system to protect the environment.

NAICS: 541618   Largest/examples C02 - Search C02 - Management & Technical Assistance

Consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to nonprofit groups within the Environment major group area.

Key words: Professional Continuing Education

NAICS: 813920   Largest/examples C03 - Search C03 - Professional Societies & Associations

Learned societies, professional councils, and other organizations that bring together individuals or organizations with a common professional or vocational interest within the Environment major group area.

Scope notes: USE this code for water associations whose mission is dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply. USE W03 for water associations whose membership is made up solely of water utilities and whose emphasis is on the water supply profession.

Includes: Accreditation Boards;

See also: Public & Societal Benefit Professional Societies & Associations

NAICS: 541720   Largest/examples C05 - Search C05 - Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis

Organizations whose primary purpose is to conduct research and/or public policy analysis within the Environment major group area.

Key words: Ecology Research; Ecology Research; Environmental Policy; Environmental Research

See also: Biological & Life Science; Marine Science & Oceanography; Physical & Earth Science

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples C11 - Search C11 - Single Organization Support

Organizations existing as a support and fund-raising entity for a single institution within the Environment major group area.

Scope notes: This code should be used for all forms of supports as long as financial support is included.

Friends groups are traditionally classified in the "Single Organization Support" category, but in the environment major group a distinction is made between Friends of institutions such as the Friends of the Clearwater Nature Center (C11) and Friends of natural resources such as the Friends of the Chesapeake Bay (C32).

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples C12 - Search C12 - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution

Organizations that raise and distribute funds for multiple organizations within the Environment major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples C19 - Search C19 - Support N.E.C.

Organizations that provide all forms of support except for financial assistance or fund raising for other organizations within the Environment major group area.

NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples: C20 - C2 - Search C20 - Pollution Abatement & Control

Organizations which seek to ensure that communities have a clean and healthful environment that is free from air and water pollution, pesticides and other hazardous substances, damaging radiation and excessive levels of noise.

Key words: Acid Rain; Air Pollution; Asbestos Removal; Asbestos Testing; Atmospheric Contamination; Carbon Monoxide Testing; Clean Air; Climatic Change; Drinking Water Testing; Environmental Hazards Cleanup; Environmental Hazards Control; Environmental Pollution; Environmental Sanitation; Global Warming; Greenhouse Effect; Greenhouse Gases; Hazardous Materials Cleanup; Hazardous Materials Control; Hazardous Materials Monitoring; Hazardous Materials Transportation; Hazardous Wastes; Household Hazardous Wastes; Indoor Air Pollution; Industrial Hazardous Wastes; Landfills; Lead Paint; Lead Testing; Medical Waste Disposal, Noise Pollution; Nuclear Wastes; Oil Spill Cleanup; Pesticides; Pollution Abatement; Pollution Control; Poor Air Quality; Radiation Control; Radiation Testing; Radon Testing; Rising Sea Levels; Sanitation; Sewage; Sludge Sites; Smog; Soil Contaminant Testing; Soil Testing; Solid Waste Management; Tap Water Testing; Toxic Substances; Toxic Wastes; Waste Disposal; Waste Management; Waste Spills; Waste Transport; Water Pollution; Water Pollution Control

Scope notes: Includes: Air pollution control; Global warming (greenhouse effect); Hazardous wastes and toxic substances; Noise pollution control; Radiation control; Solid waste management; and Water pollution control.

NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples C27 - Search C27 - Recycling

Organizations that collect and process paper, aluminum, glass, and other materials that can be recycled and reused.

Key words: Beverage Container Redemption Centers; Bottle Recycling; Business/Industrial Recycling; Cardboard Recycling; Christmas Tree Recycling; Composting; Container Recycling; Garden Waste Recycling; Glass Recycling; Hazardous Waste Exchange; Oil Recycling; Plastics Recycling; Recycling; Redemption Centers; Residential Recycling; Water Reclamation; Yard Waste Recycling

Scope notes: USE for organizations that operate recycling programs only. USE Environmental Beautification (C50) for organizations that operate recycling programs as part of a larger roadside cleanup campaign.

See also: Environmental Beautification (C50)

NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples: C30 - C3 - Search C30 - Natural Resources Conservation & Protection

Organizations that protect our natural resources from abuse, neglect, waste or exploitation and preserve their availability for future generations.

Key words: Audubon Society; Conservation; Ecology; Natural Resources Conservation; Environmental Impact Statements; Natural Resources Management; Natural Resources Protection; Nonrenewable Resources; Plant Conservation; Plat Species Reintroduction; Restoration Ecology; Seed Banks; Wildflower Conservation

Scope notes: Includes: Plant conservation organizations not elsewhere classified.

Excludes: Parks and playgrounds. Use Parks & Playgrounds (N32). Wildlife preservation and protection. Use Wildlife Preservation & Protection (D30). Farmland preservation. Use Farmland Preservation (K25). Irrigation services. Use Agricultural Programs (K20).

See also: Agricultural Programs; Farmland Preservation; Parks; Wildlife Preservation & Protection

NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples C32 - Search C32 - Water Resources, Wetlands Conservation & Management

Organizations that preserve and protect water resources from indiscriminate waste and ensure that the supply of quality water is adequate to meet the needs of the public, agriculture and industry. Also included are organizations that preserve and manage coastal lands including shorelines, coastal waters and lands extending inland from the shore which affect coastal waters; bays, lakes, rivers, wetlands, estuaries, watersheds and other aquatic habitats.

Key words: Beach Erosion Control; Bogs; Bottomlands; Coastal Environmental Management; Coastal Environmental Protection; Coastal Zones; Coral Reef Conservation; Estuary Protection; Floodplains; Florida Everglades; Groundwater Protection; Home Water Use Surveys; Lake Conservation; Marine Conservation; Marine Ecology; Marine Resources; Ponds; River Conservation; River Ecology; Salt Marshes; Shore Protection; Streams; Swampland; Tidal Marshes; Wastewater Management; Water Bank; Water Conservation Enforcement; Water Conservation Kits; Water Conservation; Water Resources Conservation; Water Resources Protection; Water Waste Reporting; Watershed Conservation; Well Head Protection; Wetlands Conservation; Wetlands Management; Wetlands Protection; Wetlands Restoration

See also: Agricultural Programs

NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples C34 - Search C34 - Land Resources Conservation

Organizations that preserve and protect endangered land resources from indiscriminate development, destruction or decay and which manage the utilization of renewable and nonrenewable resources to ensure ongoing availability. Included are conservation of the nations forests, rangeland, vegetation, deserts, wild and scenic rivers and other wilderness areas and open land spaces; and reestablishment of areas that have been devastated by destructive activities such as strip mining or other destructive activities.

Key words: Desert Conservation; Geological Surveys; Land Banks; Land Conservancies; Land Conservation; Land Preservation; Land Reclamation; Land Trusts; Open Land; Prairie Conservation; Public Land Management; Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement; Wilderness Conservation

Scope notes: Includes: Organizations involved in public land management; and Land banks/trusts which purchase or otherwise acquire endangered land and hold the land in trust or deed it to the Interior Department or other public authorities or private organizations for conservation, care and protection in perpetuity.

Excludes: Community Land Trusts. Use Housing Development, Construction & Management(L20). Forest conservation. Use Forest Conservation (C36). Soil conservation programs on farm land. Use Farmland Preservation (K25).

See also: Environmental Beautification; Farmland Preservation; Forest Conservation

NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples C35 - Search C35 - Energy Resources Conservation & Development

Organizations that conserve existing energy resources, ensure efficient use of available energy and develop new energy resources while protecting the quality of the environment.

Key words: Alcohol Fuels; Alternative Energy Sources; Appropriate Technologies; Bioethanol; Biofuels; Biogas; Biomass Energy Resources; Energy Efficiency; Energy Resources Conservation; Energy Resources Development; Energy Use Audits; Gasohol; Geothermal Energy; Hydroelectric Energy; Hydropower; Nonrenewable Resources; Nuclear Energy; Passive Solar Energy; Photovoltaic Energy; Renewable Energy Sources; Renewable Resources; Solar Energy; Waste to Energy; Water Power; Wind Energy

Scope notes: Excludes: Electrical service and other utility providers. Use Public Utilities (W80).

NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples C36 - Search C36 - Forest Conservation

Organizations involved with forest lands and the protection of the nations forests from insects, disease, fire, erosion, air pollution and other destructive forces.

Key words: Deforestation; Forest Ecology; Forest Ecosystems; Forest Habitats; Forest Management; Forest Rotation; Forestry Services; Old Growth Forests; Pinelands; Rainforest Conservation; Reforestation

Scope notes: Excludes: Other land conservation. Use Land Resources Conservation (C34); Urban Forestry. USE Environmental Beautification (C50).

See also: Land Resources Conservation

NAICS: 712130   Largest/examples: C40 - C4 - Search C40 - Botanical, Horticultural & Landscape Services

Organizations that are involved in the cultivation of plant life for a variety of purposes.

Key words: Landscape Services

Scope notes: Includes: Landscape services.

NAICS: 712130   Largest/examples C41 - Search C41 - Botanical Gardens & Arboreta

Organizations that plant, maintain and display for public study and enjoyment collections of flowers, trees, shrubs and ground cover, some of which are rare and exotic.

Key words: Aquatic Gardens; Arboreta; Botanical Gardens; Botanical Societies

See also: Natural History & Natural Science Museums; Parks

NAICS: 813410   Largest/examples C42 - Search C42 - Garden Clubs

Organizations that provide organized opportunities for individuals to pursue their interest in ornamental plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, house plants, herbs, garden fruits and vegetables or other species of plants.

Key words: Arborist Societies; Flower Shows; Garden Clubs; Horticultural Societies; Specific Plant Societies, i.e. Orchid Societies

Scope notes: Includes: 501(c)(5) horticultural organizations.

NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples: C50 - C5 - Search C50 - Environmental Beautification

Organizations that enhance the aesthetic characteristics of the built environment by acquiring and preserving open spaces for public enjoyment; planting trees, flowers and shrubs in public places; conducting recycling and roadside cleanup campaigns; and engaging in other environmental beautification activities.

Key words: Adopt-a-Road; Beautification; Billboard Regulations; City Beautification; City Beautiful; Cleanup Campaigns; Environmental Aesthetics; Environmental Beautification; Graffiti Removal; Green Space; Greenways; Highway Beautification; Highway Rest Areas Maintenance; Litter Control; Litter Prevention; Open Spaces; Rails-to Trails; Rail Trails; Roadside Rest Areas Maintenance; Tree Planting; Urban Beautification; Urban Open Spaces; Urban Forestry; Urban Parks

Scope notes: For Main Street Programs USE S20 Community & Neighborhood Development.

Includes: Urban parks; and Highway beautification campaigns.

See also: Land Conservation (C34); Parks & Playgrounds (N32); Recycling (C27)

NAICS: 712190   Largest/examples: C60 - C6 - Search C60 - Environmental Education

Organizations such as nature centers that provide informal classes which acquaint participants with particular aspects of their environment and increase their understanding of and appreciation for ecological balance.

Key words: Bush Survival; Ecotourism; Environmental Education; Environmental Interpretive Centers; Nature Centers; Nature Walks; Orienteering; Outdoor Education; Outdoor Survival; Outdoor Survival Skills; Outward Bound; Wilderness Survival Skills

Scope notes: Use for organizations that have specific environmental education programs that conduct hands on learning projects in the field or in classrooms and/or develop curricula and teaching materials for students and educators. Use other environmental codes for organizations that conduct public education and public awareness promotion as one program of the organization's mission.

Includes: Hands-on learning experiences; Online educational resource centers; Organizations that provide educational materials and curricula; and Outdoor adventure/survival programs.

NAICS: 813312   Largest/examples C99 - Search C99 - Environment N.E.C.

Use this code for organizations that clearly provide environmental quality services where the major purpose is unclear enough that a more specific code cannot be accurately assigned.