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B04 - Educational Programs

Use references: Bilingual Education; Compensatory Education; Cooperative Extension; Correctional Education; Discovery Learning; Extension Education; Extension Services; Independent Learning; Independent Study Programs; Migrant Child Education; Migrant Education; Multicultural Education; Prison Education; Self Directed Learning; Self Instruction; Self Teaching; University Extension

B04.02 - Adult Education

See also: COMMON CODE Professional Development & Training (**J); Literacy (B04.11); Leisure & Recreational Activities (N04); Vocational Education (B03.05)

Use references: ABE; Accent Reduction Classes; Adult Basic Education; Adult High School Diploma Programs; Basic Education; Citizenship Classes; Citizenship Education; Citizenship Preparation; Continuing Education; English as a Second Language Instruction; ESL Instruction; ESOL; Fundamental Education (Adults); GED Programs; GED Test Preparation; GED Test Sites; General Educational Development Programs; Graduation Requirements Programs; High School Completion Programs; High School Diploma Programs; High School Equivalency; ILR Programs; Institutes for Learning in Retirement; Lifelong Learning; Vocational ESL

B04.03 - Afterschool Enrichment

See also: Child Care (P02.03); Youth Development, General/Other (O01)

Use references: After-School Enrichment Programs; After-School Programs; After School Programs; Extra-School Settings; Out-of-School Hours Programs; 21st Century Community Learning Centers Initiative Programs

B04.04 - Computer Literacy

See also: Afterschool Enrichment (B04.03)

B04.05 - Distance Education

See also: Education & Technology (B05.03)

Use references: Asynchronous Learning; Asynchronous Instruction; Computer-Assisted Instruction; Computer-Based Instruction; Computer-Based Training; Computer-Managed Instruction; Distance Education; Distance Learning; E-Learning; Educational Use of the Internet; Educational Technology; Integrated Learning System; Interactive TV; Internet-Based Training; Synchronous Learning; Synchronous Instruction; Technology & Education; Virtual Classroom

B04.06 - Dropout Programs

See also: Youth Development, General/Other (O01); Youth Violence Prevention (I02.13)

Use references: Academic Programs for At-Risk Youth; Continuation High Schools; Dropout Prevention; Drop-Out Programs; Student Droputs; Student Retention Services; Truancy Counseling; Truancy Investigation

B04.07 - Educational Testing

Use references: Achievement Tests; Adult ESL Tests; Advanced Placement Tests; Aptitude Tests; College Credit by Examination; College Entrance Examinations; Entrance Examinations; Equivalency Tests; Graduate Program Examinations; High School Competency Tests; Intelligence Testing; Special Education Assessment; Student Testing;

B04.08 - Extracurricular Activities

Use references: Educational Enhancement; Educational Enrichment Programs; Field Trips; Student Clubs; Student Enrichment;

B04.08.02 - Extracurricular Arts & Culture

See also: Artists-in-Residence (A02.02)

Use references: arts; artist in education programs; artists in education programs; arts in education; arts-in-education; cultural activities; theater

B04.08.03 - Extracurricular Music

Use references: Band Boosters (+Fundraising & Grants); School Bands; School Orchestras

B04.08.04 - Extracurricular School Sports

Use references: Athletic Booster Clubs; Athletic Boosters; Sports Boosters

B04.08.05 - Extracurricular Science, Math & Technology

Use references: Robotics Programs; Science Fair Programs; Student Math Clubs; Student Science Clubs

B04.09 - Gifted Education

Use references: Gifted and Talented Programs; Gifted Schools; Talented and Gifted Programs; TAG Programs

B04.11 - Literacy

Use references: Adult Literacy; Early Childhood Literacy; Family Literacy; First Language Literacy Programs; Literacy Classes; Literacy Education; Literacy Instruction; Literacy Testing; Reading Encouragement; Reading is Fundamental; RIF; School-Age Literacy

B04.17 - Partnerships in Education

Use references: Adopt-A-School Programs; Academic Alliances; Education Collaboratives; Educational Partnerships; Partners in Education Projects

B04.18 - Remedial Programs

See also: Tutorial Programs (B04.22)

Use references: BASE; Basic Academic Skills Enrichment; Remedial Courses; Remedial Education; Remedial Mathematics; Remedial Reading; Remedial Spelling

B04.19 - Service Learning

See also: Voluntarism Promotion (T05)

Use references: Community-based Learning; Community Service; Learn and Serve America Programs; Service-learning

B04.20 - Special Education

See also: Early Intervention & Prevention (E12.06); Services for Individuals with Disabilities (P11.03)

Use references: Adapted Physical Education; Homebound Instruction; Hospital Instruction; Non-Public Special Schools; Private Special Day Schools; Residential Special Schools; Transition Services for Students with Disabilities

B04.21 - Summer School
B04.22 - Tutorial Programs

See also: Remedial Programs (B04.18)

Use references: ACT Preparation; Advanced Placement Test Preparation; American College Test Preparation; College Entrance Examination Preparation; College Placement Test Preparation; DAT Preparation; Dental Admission Test Preparation; GMAT Preparation; Graduate Management Admission Test Preparation; Graduate Record Examination Preparation; GRE Preparation; Homework Assistance; Homework Help Programs; Homework Hotlines; Law School Admission Test Preparation; LSAT Preparation; MCAT Preparation; Medical College Admission Test Preparation; OAT Preparation; Optometry Admission Test Preparation; Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Test Preparation;; PSAT Preparation; SAT Preparation; Scholastic Aptitude Test Preparation;; Scholastic Assessment Test Preparation Grammar Hotlines; Subject-Specific Tutoring; Tutoring Services; Tutors

B04.23 - ESL Programs
B04.24 - GED Programs