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NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples B01 - Search B01 - Alliances & Advocacy

Organizations whose activities focus on influencing public policy within the Education major group area. Includes a variety of activities from public education and influencing public opinion to lobbying national and state legislatures.

Key words: Academic Freedom; Curriculum Reform; Education Advocacy; Education Alliances; Education Coalitions; Education Reform; Educational Intermediaries; Educational Reform; First Steps Educational Initiatives; LEFs; Lobbying; Local Education Foundations; Local Education Funds; Multiculturalism in Education; Public Awareness; School Accountability; School Busing; School Choice; School Funding Advocacy; School Reform; School Safety Advocacy; Smart Start Initiatives;

NAICS: 541618   Largest/examples B02 - Search B02 - Management & Technical Assistance

Consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to nonprofit groups within the Education major group area.

Key words: Educational Administration; Professional Continuing Education

NAICS: 813920   Largest/examples B03 - Search B03 - Professional Societies & Associations

Learned societies, professional councils, and other organizations that bring together individuals or organizations with a common professional or vocational interest within the Education major group area.

Key words: Associations of Colleges; Educational Associations; Educational Professional Associations; Educational Professional Societies; Teacher Associations

Scope notes: Code state education associations here, with 2 as the 4th digit, unless they are filing under 501(c)(5), then code as a J40.

Includes: Accreditation Boards;

NAICS: 541720   Largest/examples B05 - Search B05 - Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis

Organizations whose primary purpose is to conduct research and/or public policy analysis within the Education major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples B11 - Search B11 - Single Organization Support

Organizations existing as a support and fund-raising entity for a single institution within the Education major group.

Key words: Library Friends Groups; School Athletic Booster Clubs; School Booster Clubs

Scope notes: USE for fundraising and grants for individual schools; use B12 for fundraising and grants for school districts.

This code should be used for all forms of support to specific educational institutions as long as financial support is included. Friends groups and school booster clubs are traditionally classified here. USE for organizations that financially support individual schools and universities located outside the United States, EXCEPT for organizations that provide funding to schools and universities in developing countries as a form of international educational development (use Q34). Does not include financial support for students, such as student loans and scholarships (use B82). (rev 2007)

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples B12 - Search B12 - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution

Organizations that raise and distribute funds for multiple organizations within the Education major group area.

Key words: United Negro College Fund; Funding for School Districts

Scope notes: Use for fundraising and grant distributions to school districts; use B11 for fundraising and grant distributions to individual schools within a school district.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples B19 - Search B19 - Support N.E.C.

Organizations that provide all forms of support except for financial assistance or fund raising for other organizations within the Education major group area.

Scope notes: (rev 2007) Includes Real Estate Foundations and similar support organizations that acquire, develop, manage, and dispose of real estate property on behalf of educational institutions. Does not include student housing and dormitory facilities (use B80). Does not include hospital and medical care facilities owned or operated by an educational institution, such as University Medical Centers, which are normally classified within Health Care (e.g. E20 or E22).

NAICS: 611110   Largest/examples: B20 - B2 - Search B20 - Elementary & Secondary Schools

Preschool, elementary and secondary schools that provide a formal education for children and adolescents in kindergarten or first grade through grade twelve.

Key words: Alternative Education; Boarding Schools; Child Development Education Issues; Community-Based Schools; Community Learning Centers; Extended-Service Schools; Full-Service Schools; Home-Based Education; Home Education; Home Schooling; Montessori Schools; Nontraditional Schools; Separately Organized Middle Schools; Yeshivas

NAICS: 624410   Largest/examples B21 - Search B21 - Preschools

Separately organized preschools or nursery schools and/or kindergartens which provide foundation-level learning for children (usually age two through five and four and one half or five respectively) prior to entering the formal school setting.

Key words: Early Childhood Education; Head Start; Kindergartens; Nursery Schools; Preschool Education; Preschools; School Readiness Programs;

See also: Educational Alliances & Advocacy (B01); Child Day Care (P33);

NAICS: 611110   Largest/examples B24 - Search B24 - Primary & Elementary Schools

Schools classified as elementary by state and local practice and composed of any span of grades not above grade eight. Includes preschools and kindergartens if they are an integral part of an elementary school or a regularly established school system.

Key words: Elementary Schools; Grades 1-4; Grades 1-6; Grades 1-8; K-4; K-6; K-8; Primary Schools

Scope notes: Includes public, private, parochial and religious schools.

NAICS: 611110   Largest/examples B25 - Search B25 - Secondary & High Schools

Schools comprising any span of grades beginning with the next grade following an elementary school and ending at or below grade 12. Includes junior high schools or intermediate schools and high schools which provide formal instruction for students who want to prepare further education at the college level or for employment following graduation.

Key words: College Preparatory Schools; Grades 7-12; Grades 8-12; Grades 9-12; Grades 10-12; High Schools; Junior High Schools; Intermediate Schools; Pre-Collegiate Education; Secondary Schools; Senior High Schools

Scope notes: Includes military, public, private, parochial and religious schools.

See also: Vocational & Technical Schools

NAICS: 611699   Largest/examples B28 - Search B28 - Special Education

Organizations that provide educational services including special placement and individualized programming, instruction and support services for children and youth who are gifted or have disabilities and require appropriately modified curricula, teaching methodologies and instructional materials in order to learn.

Key words: Bilingual Education; Blind Children; Children with Hearing Disabilities; Children with Learning Disabilities; Deaf Children; Developmentally Disabled Children; Gifted and Talented Schools; Gifted Children; Gifted Schools; Mentally Retarded Children; Special Education Institutions; Special Schools; TAG Schools; Talented and Gifted Schools; Visually Impaired Children

NAICS: 611110   Largest/examples B29 - Search B29 - Charter Schools

Schools run independently of the traditional public school system but receiving public funding and operating by a charter. This performance contract details the schools mission, program, goals, students served, method of assessment, and ways to measure success.

Key words: Charter Schools

NAICS: 611510   Largest/examples: B30 - B3 - Search B30 - Vocational & Technical Schools

Separately organized trade high schools or vocational centers that provide formal preparation for semiskilled, skilled, technical or professional occupations for high-school-aged students and, in some cases, adults who want to develop skills for employment.

Key words: Auto Mechanics; Building Trades; Cosmetology; High School Vocational Education; Industrial; Manufacturing; Post-Secondary Technical Schools; Technical Schools; Trade Schools; Vocational Centers; Vocational Schools; Vocational/Technical Schools; Vocational/Trade High Schools

See also: Job Training

NAICS: 611310   Largest/examples: B40 - B4 - Search B40 - Higher Education

Educational institutions that provide opportunities for individuals to acquire a higher level of knowledge, skills and specialization in their chosen area of interest in a formal school setting. Use this code for higher education institutions not specified below.

Key words: Institutions of Higher Learning

NAICS: 611210   Largest/examples B41 - Search B41 - Two-Year Colleges

Postsecondary educational institutions, known alternatively as community colleges or junior colleges and commonly organized into two-year programs, that offer instruction that has been adapted in content, level and schedule to meet the needs of the community in which they are located. Community or junior colleges award an Associates in Arts (A.A.) certificate.

Key words: 2-Year Colleges; Associates in Arts Certificates; Community Colleges; Junior Colleges; Two-Year Colleges

NAICS: 611310   Largest/examples B42 - Search B42 - Undergraduate Colleges

Educational institutions that offer college level courses of study that may lead to the customary bachelor of arts or science degree.

Key words: 4-Year Colleges; Baccalaureate Degrees; Bachelor Degrees; Bachelor of Arts Degrees; Bachelor of Science Degrees; Black Colleges; Deaf Colleges; Four-Year Colleges; Liberal Arts Colleges; Undergraduate Colleges

Scope notes: Generally, colleges differ from universities in that universities tend to be larger, with faculty time and attention divided between research and teaching. Most universities have larger enrollments than colleges and are sometimes collections of colleges that include both undergraduate and graduate programs with a wide array of courses. The name of the institution does not always reflect the precise nature of the organization. Boston College is a university. Coders should choose between the two terms by first looking at the institution's mission statement and then the descriptive information supplied about the nature of the courses offered and degrees conferred. Next, a coder can refer to how the institution is described in published or online guidebooks, such as The College Board ( The name of the institution should be used as a last resort.

NAICS: 611310   Largest/examples B43 - Search B43 - Universities

Postsecondary educational institutions that offer postgraduate study at masters or doctorate levels in addition to an undergraduate program for people who meet entry level requirements and are interested in an advanced education. Some institutions of university status are known as colleges or institutes.

Key words: Doctorates; Graduate Schools; Masters Degrees; Technological Institutes; Universities

Scope notes: Generally, universities differ from colleges in that they tend to be larger, with faculty time and attention divided between research and teaching. Most universities have larger enrollments than colleges and are sometimes collections of colleges that include both undergraduate and graduate programs with a wide array of courses. The name of the institution does not always reflect the precise nature of the organization. Boston College is a university. Coders should choose between the two terms by first looking at the institution's mission statement and then the descriptive information supplied about the nature of the courses offered and degrees conferred. Next, a coder can refer to how the institution is described in published or online guidebooks, such as The College Board ( The name of the institution should be used as a last resort.

NAICS: 611310   Largest/examples: B50 - B5 - Search B50 - Graduate & Professional Schools

Separately incorporated postsecondary educational institutions provide opportunities for people who have completed their undergraduate education to receive advanced, postgraduate training in a professional field leading to a masters degree or doctorate.

Key words: Accounting Schools; Advertising Schools; Agriculture Schools; Architectural Schools; Business Administration Schools; Business Schools; Chiropractic Teaching Facilities; Dental Schools; Divinity Schools; Engineering Schools; Fine Arts Schools; Health Sciences Schools; Hotel Administration Schools; Information Science Schools; Journalism Schools; Law Schools; Legal Education; Library and Information Science Schools; Library Schools; Management Schools; Marketing Schools; Medical Schools; Nursing Schools; Professional Schools; Public Administration Schools; Public Health Administration Schools; Public Health Schools; Schools of Education; Schools of Teaching; Seminaries / Seminary Schools; Social Work Schools; Teacher Education; Theological Schools; Theology Schools; Veterinary Medicine Schools; Veterinary Schools; Yeshiva

NAICS: 611699   Largest/examples: B60 - B6 - Search B60 - Adult Education

Institutions outside the formal system of regular schools, colleges, universities and technical/trade schools that provide opportunities for adults to develop basic learning and communication skills, complete their high school education, expand their knowledge in a particular field or discipline or develop skills in a new area of interest.

Key words: Adult Basic Education; Adult Education; Adult High School Diplomas; Adult Literacy Councils; Adult Literacy Education; Basic Writing Skills; Basic Reading Skills; Compensatory Learning; Continuing Education; Elderhostels; English as a Second Language; ESL Instruction; Fundamental Education (Adults); GED Instruction; General Educational Development Instruction; High School Equivalency; Institutes for Learning in Retirement; Lifelong Learning; Lifetime Learning

Scope notes: Excludes: Staff Training; Professional Re-Training; Re-Certification; and Professional Continuing Education. USE specific major field area and Common Code 02.

See also: Graduate & Professional Schools

NAICS: 519120   Largest/examples: B70 - B7 - Search B70 - Libraries

Facilities which house a collection of materials including books, manuscripts, journals, government documents and non-print formats such as paintings, musical recordings, videotapes, films and data files which are organized for access by a targeted population.

Key words: Academic Libraries; Academic Research Libraries; Archival Work; Archives; Archivists; Book and Paper Conservation; Book Collections; College Libraries; College Research Libraries; Corporate Libraries; Depository Libraries; Electronic Libraries; Information Centers; Law Libraries; Law School Libraries; Legal Libraries; Libraries; Library Operation/Programs; Media Centers; Medical Association Libraries; Medical Libraries; Medical Society Libraries; Military Base Libraries; Municipal Libraries; National Libraries; Online Vendor Services; Presidential Libraries; Public Libraries; Reference Services; Religious Libraries; Research Libraries; School Libraries; School Library Media Centers; Special Libraries; State Libraries; University Libraries; University Research Libraries; Virtual Libraries

NAICS: 611710   Largest/examples: B80 - B8 - Search B80 - Student Services

Organizations that provide services, facilities and programs that support student needs, foster student learning and personal development, create a healthy and diverse community, and enrich student life.

Key words: Academic Counseling; Admissions; Ancillary Education Services; Auxiliary Education Enterprises; Campus Information & Visitors Services; Campus Information/Tours; Campus Life; Campus Safety; Career Guidance; Collegiate Service Clubs; College Admissions and Counseling; College Bookstores; College Housing; College Stores; Circle K Clubs; Disabled Student Services; Disabled Students Note Takers; Dormitories; Foreign Student Advisement; Guidance & Counseling; School Accessibility; School Cafeterias; School Clubs; School Dining Halls; School Health Centers; School Health Services; School-Based Document Conversion; School-Based Sign Language Interpretation; School Newspapers; Student Bookstores; Student Counseling; Student Councils; Student Food Services; Student Health Services; Student Housing; Student Government; Student Newspapers; Student Unions

Scope notes: Definition revised 11/2004

NAICS: 813410   Largest/examples B82 - Search B82 - Scholarships & Student Financial Aid

Organizations that enable students who demonstrate financial need to obtain the financial assistance they require to meet their educational and living expenses while in school.

Key words: Assistantships; Cash Grants for Students; Company-Sponsored Scholarships; Fellowships; Financial Aid for Students; Guaranteed Student Loans; Merit Scholarships; National Direct Student Loans; Scholarships; Student Aid; Student Financial Aid; Student Loans; Student Stipends; Teaching Assistantships; Tuition Assistance; Tuition Grants; Tuition Reimbursements; Work-Study Awards

See also: Financial Institutions

NAICS: 813410   Largest/examples B83 - Search B83 - Student Sororities & Fraternities

Associations for male and female students which are chapters of national or international organizations, have secret rites and restricted membership, and may undertake, as a part of their activities, community improvement or charitable projects. Included are student sororities and fraternities and honorary societies that represent specific academic disciplines.

Key words: Fraternities; Fraternity; Greek Letter Societies; Honor Societies; Phi Beta Kappa; Sororities; Sorority

NAICS: 813410   Largest/examples B84 - Search B84 - Alumni Associations

Organizations whose members are graduates of a particular educational institution who provide support for the institution in the form of financial contributions, student recruitment efforts, promotional activities, fund-raising events and continued ties with the academic program.

NAICS: 611710   Largest/examples: B90 - B9 - Search B90 - Educational Services

Organizations that provide educational programs within the formal educational system or offered as an adjunct to the traditional school curriculum which help students succeed in school and prepare for life. Includes organizations that partner parents, families, schools, business and/or community leaders to broker resources for the benefit of local schools.

Key words: Achievement Testing; Advanced Placement Testing; Afterschool Programs; After-School Enrichment Programs; After-School Programs; After School Programs; American College Test; Aptitude Testing; Business in Schools Programs; Cooperative/Community Education; College Credit by Examination; College Entrance Examinations; College Placement Testing; College Preparatory Examinations; Continuation High Schools; Dental Admission Test; Distance Education; Distance Learning; Drop Out Prevention; Drop-Out Prevention/Retention Services; Dropout Prevention; Educational Testing; Entrance Examinations; Equivalency Tests; Extra-School Settings; Graduate Management Admission Testing; Graduate Program Examinations; Graduate Record Examinations; Grammar Hotlines; High School Competency Testing; Homework Assistance; Homework Help; Homework Hotlines; Intelligence Testing; Law School Admission Testing; Medical College Admission Testing; Optometry Admission Testing; Out-of-School Hours Programs; Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Testing; Private School Placement; Public, Private Partnerships for Education; Return to Education Support; Scholastic Aptitude Testing; Scholastic Assessment Testing; Special Education Assessment; Student Retention; Student Testing; Study Skills Assistance; Subject-Specific Tutoring; Truancy Counseling; Tutoring; 21st Century Community Learning Centers Initiative Programs

Scope notes: Includes: Drop-out prevention and retention services for "at-risk" students; educational testing; Science Fairs; and tutoring programs.

Definition revised 1/2005

NAICS: 611710   Largest/examples B92 - Search B92 - Remedial Reading & Encouragement

Organizations that provide diagnostic testing and/or individual or group instruction for people who are having reading difficulties. Instruction focuses on phonics, dictionary skills, vocabulary development, spelling and study skills, comprehension and memory skills.

Key words: Children Literacy; Reading Encouragement; Reading is Fundamental; Remedial Reading; Remedial Spelling; RIF

Scope notes: Excludes: Adult literacy, USE Adult Education (B60).

See also: Adult Education

NAICS: 813410   Largest/examples B94 - Search B94 - Parent & Teacher Groups

Organizations of parents, educators, students, and other citizens who are active in their schools and communities promoting the health, education, and welfare of children.

Key words: Congress of Parents & Teachers; Congress of Parents and Teachers; Parent Teacher and Students; Parent Teacher Associations; Parent Teacher Organizations; PTA; PTO; PTSA; PTSO

NAICS: 611000   Largest/examples B99 - Search B99 - Education N.E.C.

Use this code for organizations that clearly provide education services where the major purpose is unclear cannot be accurately assigned.

Key words: Faculty Groups