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Organizations that produce, promote and disseminate information on traditional music, dance, theater or folklore of various cultures and organizations that perform, present and support folk art in a specific region.

Key words: Folk Art; Folk Culture; Folk Dance; Folk Dancing; Folk Life; Folk Singing; Folk Songs; Folkart; Naive Art; Old Songs; Traditional Arts; Traditional Music

Scope notes: Defining folk art is tricky and difficult. What some want to label as folk art, others want to call "craft" or "ethnic" or "products from primitive, untrained people".

Folk art is art made by people who have had little or no formal schooling in art. Folk artists usually make works of art with traditional techniques and content, in styles handed down through many generations, and often of a particular region.

Traditional crafts, music, dance and stories passed down through families, communities or within tribal, ethnic or occupational groups are among the many forms of folk art.

For users whose NTEE-CC system has not enabled this code, USE A23 instead.

Code reinstated 5/2005