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A09 - Visual Arts

See also: Folklife & Traditional Arts (A03.05)

Use references: Art Programs; Ceramic Arts Programs; Children's Art Exhibits; Clay Arts Programs; Computer Art Programs; Crafts Programs; Crafts Programs; Drawing Programs; Experimental Arts Programs; Fiber Arts Programs; Glass Arts Programs; Graphic Arts Programs; Graphics Arts Programs; Jewelry Exhibits; Jewelry Making Programs; Mixed Media Programs; Mural Painting Programs; Oriental Rug Programs; Origami Programs; Painting & Drawing Programs; Painting Programs; Paper Arts Exhibits; Paper Arts Programs; Photography Programs; Printmaking Programs; Public Art Programs; Quilt Exhibits; Quilt Making Programs; Sculpture Programs; Textile Arts Programs;; Water Color Painting; Weaving Programs; Wood Arts Programs; Wood Carving Programs;

A09.06 - Public Art

Use references: Municipal Art; Murals; Public Sculpture; Street Art

A09.09 - Traveling Exhibitions

See also: Curatorial Work & Exhibitions (A07.09)

A09.12 - Visual Arts Exhibitions

See also: Curatorial Work & Exhibitions (A07.09)

A09.13 - Visual Arts Festivals

See also: Cultural Festivals (A03.04); Dance Festivals (A08.02.04); Music Festivals (A08.03.12); Theater Festivals (A08.05.06);

Use references: Art Fairs; Art Festivals; Craft Fairs; Crafts Fairs

A09.14 - Visual Arts Instruction

Use references: Arts and Crafts Instruction; Basket Weaving Instruction; Batik Instruction; Bookbinding Instruction; Calligraphy Instruction; Ceramics Instruction; Drawing Instruction; Graphics Arts Instruction; Needlecraft Instruction; Painting Instruction; Papermaking Instruction; Photography Instruction; Printmaking Instruction; Sculpture Instruction; Stained Glass Instruction; Water Color Instruction; Weaving/Spinning Instruction