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A07 - Museums

See also: Historic Preservation & Conservation (A04.04); History & Historical Programs (A04); Library (B06)

Use references: Aeronautics and Space Museum Programs; Agriculture Museum Programs; Anthropology Museum Programs; Anthropology Museum Programs; Antiques Museum Programs; Architecture Museum Programs; Art Museum Programs, General/Other; Arts and Crafts Museum Programs; Astronomy Museum Programs; Children's Museum Programs; China, Glass and Silver Museum Programs; Circus Museum Programs; Civic Art Museum Programs; Colonial Farm Programs; Comedy Museum Programs; Communications Museum Programs; Costume Museum Programs; Crime Museum Programs; Culture-Specific Museum Programs; Decorative Arts Museum Programs; Entomology Museum Programs; Entomology Museum Programs; Ethnology Museum Programs; Ethnology Museum Programs; Film Museum Programs; Fire-Fighting Museum Programs; Folk Art Museum Programs; Forestry Museum Programs; Furniture Museum Programs; Geology Museum Programs; Geology Museum Programs; Gun Museum Programs; Hall of Fame Programs; Halls of Fame; Herbarium Museum Programs; Herbarium Museum Programs; Herpetology Museum Programs; Herpetology Museum Programs; History Museum Programs; Industrial Museum Programs; Interpretive Farm Programs; Lapidary Arts Museum Programs; Living History Museum Programs; Logging/Lumber Museum Programs; Mapparium Museum Programs; Marine Museum Programs; Maritime Museum Programs; Medical Science Museum Programs; Military Museum Programs; Mineralogy Museum Programs; Mineralogy Museum Programs; Mining Museum Programs; Money/Numismatic Museum Programs; Motion Picture Museum Programs; Musical Instrument Museum Programs; Natural History Museum Programs; Observatories; Ornithology Museum Programs; Ornithology Museum Programs; Pharmacology Museum Programs; Philatelic Museum Programs; Photography Museum Programs; Planetarium, Observatory and Astronomy Museum Programs; Planetariums; Postal Museum Programs; Presidential Birthplaces; Presidential Libraries; Railroad Museum Programs; Religious Museum Programs; Science & Technology Museum Programs; Science Center Programs; Scouting Museum Programs; Sports & Hobby Museum Programs; Textile Museum Programs; Theater Museum Programs; Toy/Doll Museum Programs; Transportation Museum Programs; Video Museum Programs; Visitor's Center Programs; War Museum Programs; Wax Museum Programs; Whaling Museum Programs; Woodcarving Museum Programs

A07.09 - Curatorial Work & Exhibitions

Use references: Aeronautics and Space Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Agriculture Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Anthropology Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Antiques Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Architecture Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Arts and Crafts Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Astronomy Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Children's Museums Curatorial Programs; China, Glass and Silver Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Civic Art Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Colonial Farm Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Communications Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Costume Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Decorative Arts Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Entomology Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Ethnology Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Folk Art Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Furniture Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Geology Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Hall of Fame Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Halls of Fame Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Herbarium Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Herpetology Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Industrial Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Interpretive Farm Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Living History Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Marine Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Maritime Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Medical Science Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Military Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Mineralogy Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Mining Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Museum Curatorial Work; Museum Exhibits; Observatories Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Ornithology Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Pharmacology Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Photography Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Planetariums Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Presidential Birthplaces Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Presidential Libraries Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Railroad Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Science Center Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Textile Museum Programs; Transportation Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; War Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs; Whaling Museum Curatorial & Exhibition Programs;

A07.10 - Museum Acquisitions

Use references: Aeronautics and Space Museum Acquisition Programs; Agriculture Museum Acquisition Programs; Anthropology Museum Acquisition Programs; Antiques Museum Acquisition Programs; Architecture Museum Acquisition Programs; Arts and Crafts Museum Acquisition Programs; Astronomy Museum Acquisition Programs; Children's Museums Acquisitions Programs; China, Glass and Silver Museum Acquisition Programs; Civic Art Museum Acquisition Programs; Colonial Farm Acquisition Programs; Communications Museum Acquisition Programs; Costume Museum Acquisition Programs; Decorative Arts Museum Acquisition Programs; Entomology Museum Acquisition Programs; Ethnology Museum Acquisition Programs; Folk Art Museum Acquisition Programs; Furniture Museum Acquisition Programs; Geology Museum Acquisition Programs; Hall of Fame Acquisition Programs; Halls of Fame Acquisition Programs; Herbarium Museum Acquisition Programs; Herpetology Museum Acquisition Programs; Industrial Museum Acquisition Programs; Interpretive Farm Acquisition Programs; Living History Museum Acquisition Programs; Marine Museum Acquisition Programs; Maritime Museum Acquisition Programs; Medical Science Museum Acquisition Programs; Military Museum Acquisition Programs; Mineralogy Museum Acquisition Programs; Mining Museum Acquisition Programs; Observatories Acquisition; Ornithology Museum Acquisition Programs; Pharmacology Museum Acquisition Programs; Photography Museum Acquisition Programs; Planetariums Acquisitions; Presidential Birthplaces Acquisition Programs; Presidential Libraries Acquisition Programs; Railroad Museum Acquisition Programs; Science Center Acquisition Programs; Textile Museum Programs; Transportation Museum Acquisition Programs; War Museum Acquisition Programs; Whaling Museum Acquisition Programs;

A07.11 - Museum Audience Services

Use references: Aeronautics and Space Museum Audience Services; Agriculture Museum Audience Services; Anthropology Museum Audience Services; Antiques Museum Audience Services; Architecture Museum Audience Services; Arts and Crafts Museum Audience Services; Astronomy Museum Audience Services; Children's Museums Audience Services; China, Glass and Silver Museum Audience Services; Civic Art Museum Audience Services; Colonial Farm Audience Services; Communications Museum Audience Services; Costume Museum Audience Services; Decorative Arts Museum Audience Services; Entomology Museum Audience Services; Ethnology Museum Audience Services; Folk Art Museum Audience Services; Furniture Museum Audience Services; Geology Museum Audience Services; Hall of Fame Audience Services; Halls of Fame Audience Services; Herbarium Museum Audience Services; Herpetology Museum Audience Services; Industrial Museum Audience Services; Interpretive Farm Audience Services; Living History Museum Audience Services; Marine Museum Audience Services; Maritime Museum Audience Services; Medical Science Museum Audience Services; Military Museum Audience Services; Mineralogy Museum Audience Services; Mining Museum Audience Services; Museum Shops; Museum Shops; Museum Shops; Museum Shops; Museum Shops; Museum Shops; Museum Stores; Museum Stores; Museum Stores; Museum Stores; Museum Stores; Museum Stores;; Observatories Audience Services; Ornithology Museum Audience Services; Pharmacology Museum Audience Services; Photography Museum Audience Services; Planetariums Audience Services; Presidential Birthplaces Audience Services; Presidential Libraries Audience Services Programs; Railroad Museum Audience Services; Science Center Audience Services; Textile Museum Services; Transportation Museum Audience Services; War Museum Audience Services; Whaling Museum Audience Services;

A07.12 - Museum Collections Conservation

Use references: Aeronautics and Space Museum Conservation Programs; Agriculture Museum Conservation Programs; Anthropology Museum Conservation Programs; Antiques Museum Conservation Programs; Architecture Museum Conservation Programs; Arts and Crafts Museum Conservation Programs; Astronomy Museum Conservation Programs; Children's Museums Collections Conservation; China, Glass and Silver Museum Conservation Programs; Civic Art Museum Conservation Programs; Colonial Farm Conservation Programs; Communications Museum Conservation Programs; Costume Museum Conservation Programs; Decorative Arts Museum Conservation Programs; Entomology Museum Conservation Programs; Ethnology Museum Conservation Programs; Folk Art Museum Conservation Programs; Furniture Museum Conservation Programs; Geology Museum Conservation Programs; Hall of Fame Conservation Programs; Halls of Fame Conservation Programs; Herbarium Museum Conservation Programs; Herpetology Museum Conservation Programs; Industrial Museum Conservation Programs; Interpretive Farm Conservation Programs; Living History Museum Conservation Programs; Marine Museum Conservation Programs; Maritime Museum Conservation Programs; Medical Science Museum Conservation Programs; Military Museum Conservation Programs; Mineralogy Museum Conservation Programs; Mining Museum Conservation Programs; Observatories Conservation Programs; Ornithology Museum Conservation Programs; Pharmacology Museum Conservation Programs; Photography Museum Conservation Programs; Planetariums Conservation Programs; Presidential Birthplaces Conservation Programs; Presidential Libraries Conservation Programs; Railroad Museum Conservation Programs; Science Center Conservation Programs; Textile Museum Conservation Programs; Transportation Museum Conservation Programs; War Museum Conservation Programs; Whaling Museum Conservation Programs;

A07.13 - Museum Education