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Largest/examples A - Search A - Arts, Culture & Humanities

Private nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is to promote appreciation for and enjoyment and understanding of the visual, performing, folk, and media arts; the humanities (archaeology, art history, modern and classical languages, philosophy, ethics, theology, and comparative religion); history and historical events; and/or communications (film, video, publishing, journalism, radio, television).

Scope notes: Includes: Museums and halls of fame; historic preservation programs; organizations that provide services to artists, performers, entertainers, writers, or humanities scholars; programs which promote artistic expression of or within ethnic groups and cultures; art and performing art schools, centers, and studios; historical societies; and genealogical or heredity-based organizations (e.g., Sons of the Revolution, Daughters of the Confederacy).

Excludes: Cultural exchange programs (see Q-International, Foreign Affairs & National Security); libraries and reading programs (see B-Education); botanical gardens, nature centers (see C-Environmental Quality, Protection & Beautification) or zoos (see D-Animal-Related).

NAICS: 813319   Largest/examples A01 - Search A01 - Alliances & Advocacy

Organizations whose activities focus on influencing public policy within the Arts, Culture, and Humanities major group area. Includes a variety of activities from public education and influencing public opinion to lobbying national and state legislatures.

Key words: Arts Alliances; Arts Coalitions; Lobbying; Public Awareness

Scope notes: USE this code for arts alliances that have advocacy programs. USE A26 Arts & Humanities Councils & Agencies for arts alliances that do not have any advocacy programs.

See also: A26 Arts Councils & Agencies

NAICS: 541618   Largest/examples A02 - Search A02 - Management & Technical Assistance

Consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to nonprofit groups within the Arts, Culture, and Humanities major group area.

Key words: Professional Continuing Education

NAICS: 813920   Largest/examples A03 - Search A03 - Professional Societies & Associations

Learned societies, professional councils, and other organizations that bring together individuals or organizations with a common professional or vocational interest within the Arts, Culture, and Humanities major group area.

Scope notes: Includes: Accreditation Boards; Associations of journalists

NAICS: 541720   Largest/examples A05 - Search A05 - Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis

Organizations whose primary purpose is to conduct research and/or public policy analysis within the Arts, Culture, and Humanities major group area

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples A11 - Search A11 - Single Organization Support

Organizations existing as a support and fund-raising entity for a single institution within the Arts, Culture & Humanities major group.

Scope notes: This code should be used for all forms of support as long as financial support is included. Friends groups are traditionally classified here.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples A12 - Search A12 - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution

Organizations that raise and distribute funds for multiple organizations within the Arts, Culture, and Humanities major group area.

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples A19 - Search A19 - Support N.E.C.

Organizations that provide all forms of support except for financial assistance or fund raising for other organizations within the Arts, Culture, and Humanities major group area.

NAICS: 710000   Largest/examples: A20 - A2 - Search A20 - Arts & Culture

Organizations that promote, produce or provide access to a variety of arts experiences encompassing the visual, media or performing arts.

Key words: Arts Centers; Arts Guilds; Cultural Centers; Multipurpose Arts; Multipurpose Cultural Organizations;

Scope notes: Includes: Multi-disciplinary arts and cultural centers as well as venues that display or sell local artist's work and that offer workshops, studios and/or classes that deal with a wide variety of art forms.

See also: Historical Societies & Related Historical Activities; Media & Communications; Museums; Performing Arts Centers; Visual Arts

NAICS: 710000   Largest/examples A23 - Search A23 - Cultural & Ethnic Awareness

Organizations that promote artistic expression within a particular ethnic community; work for the preservation and promotion of the traditions, values and lifestyles of different cultural groups; organize activities and events which promote cultural exchange locally or nationally; and encourage understanding and respect for different cultural heritages among the youthful members of the group as well as the mainstream population.

Key words: Ancient Order of Hibernians; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Heritage; Cultural Centers; Cultural Fairs; Ethnic Awareness; Ethnic Fairs; Heritage; National Day Celebrations

Scope notes: USE for organizations that offer cultural education programs that can include language instruction but are not limited to language instruction. For language instruction only USE A70 (Humanitites).

USE for multi-discipline cultural and ethnic organizations. For organizations whose program activity is limited to one discipline, code using the appropriate discipline code. For example, an organization that promotes spanish art, music, and dance is coded here, an organization that promotes only Flamenco dancing is coded as a dance organization, A62.

USE for all ethnic fairs and festivals.

Excludes: International cultural exchange. Use International Cultural Exchange (Q21).

Excludes: Culturally-specific business leagues. Use the major group designation, or Chambers of Commerce & Business Leagues (S41) if a major group designation cannot be determined (e.g. use E03 for Jamaican Association of Health Care Professionals). (rev 2007)

See also: Art Museums; Dance; Fairs; Humanities; Intergroup & Race Relations; International Cultural Exchange; Bands & Ensembles; Museums; Chambers of Commerce & Business Leagues

NAICS: 541720   Largest/examples A24 - Search A24 - Folk Arts

Organizations that produce, promote and disseminate information on traditional music, dance, theater or folklore of various cultures and organizations that perform, present and support folk art in a specific region.

Key words: Folk Art; Folk Culture; Folk Dance; Folk Dancing; Folk Life; Folk Singing; Folk Songs; Folkart; Naive Art; Old Songs; Traditional Arts; Traditional Music

Scope notes: Defining folk art is tricky and difficult. What some want to label as folk art, others want to call "craft" or "ethnic" or "products from primitive, untrained people".

Folk art is art made by people who have had little or no formal schooling in art. Folk artists usually make works of art with traditional techniques and content, in styles handed down through many generations, and often of a particular region.

Traditional crafts, music, dance and stories passed down through families, communities or within tribal, ethnic or occupational groups are among the many forms of folk art.

For users whose NTEE-CC system has not enabled this code, USE A23 instead.

Code reinstated 5/2005

NAICS: 611610   Largest/examples A25 - Search A25 - Arts Education

Organizations that provide informal arts educational programming and/or instruction but do not grant diplomas or degrees; or which offer services regarding the arts to educational institutions or to public entities involved in education.

Key words: Art Classes (non-degree); Art Instruction (non-degree); Art Schools (non-degree); Arts Education or art education (non-degree); Arts Workshops; Informal Arts Education; Informal Arts Instruction; Schools of Art (non-degree)

Scope notes: Excludes: Formal, degree granting schools of the arts. Use Higher Education (B40).

See also: Higher Education; Performing Arts Schools

NAICS: 710000   Largest/examples A26 - Search A26 - Arts & Humanities Councils & Agencies

Organizations that foster, nurture and sustain artistic excellence and create a climate in which the arts and humanities may flourish in a community.

Key words: Arts Agencies; Arts Alliances; Arts and Humanities Councils; Arts Councils; Councils on the Arts; Humanities Councils

Scope notes: Term name and definition revised 5/2005

See also: Alliances & Advocacy (A01); Arts Service (A90)

NAICS: 711320   Largest/examples A27 - Search A27 - Community Celebrations

Organizations that are engaged in the promotion, production or performance of community and public celebratory events.

Key words: Arts Fairs; Arts Festivals; Celebratory Events; Community Celebrations; First Nights

Scope notes: Includes: Arts and Street Fairs; First Night Events; and Multidiscipline Arts Festivals

Excludes: Agricultural Fairs (use Fairs N52); Ethnic Fairs & Festivals (use Cultural & Ethnic Awareness A23); Historical events; (use Commemorative Events A84); Music Festivals (use Music A68); and Theater Festivals (Use Theater A65).

For users whose NTEE-CC system has not enabled this code, USE A20.

Code added 5/2005

NAICS: 510000   Largest/examples: A30 - A3 - Search A30 - Media & Communications

Organizations that are involved in publishing, productions or programming utilizing any of a variety of media or in educational programs related to the media. Use this code for organizations involved in productions in different types of media or for those using types of media not specified below.

Key words: Broadcasting; Communications; Electronic Media; Media; Public Servers; Web Site Development; Web Site Hosting; Website Development; Website Hosting

Scope notes: Excludes: Religious media, communications. Use Religious Media & Communications (X80).

See also: Religious Media & Communications

NAICS: 512100   Largest/examples A31 - Search A31 - Film & Video

Organizations that produce films, videos and holographic images for a variety of educational, documentary and cultural purposes, and/or promote public appreciation of film and video. Also included are organizations that encourage new, foreign and independent filmmakers through the organization and presentation of film expositions and festivals or which show old or difficult to obtain films in noncommercial facilities.

Key words: Documentary Film Production; Film; Film Appreciation; Film Expositions; Film Festivals; Film Preservation; Film Production; Foreign Films; Holographic Images; Holography; Independent Film Makers; Video; Video Appreciation; Video Production

Scope notes: Excludes: Religious film or video. Use Religious Film & Video (X81).

See also: Religious Film & Video

NAICS: 515120   Largest/examples A32 - Search A32 - Television

Organizations engaged in television productions and broadcast. Includes producers of public television, cable television, community access television, broadcasting in schools, and interactive television.

Key words: Cable Television; Cable TV; Closed Circuit Television; Community Access Television; Community Television; Educational Television; Interactive Television; Public Television; School Television; Television Production

Scope notes: Includes: Producers of public television; Cable television; Community access television; Broadcasting in schools; and Interactive television.

Excludes: Religious television. Use Religious Television (X82).

See also: Religious Television

NAICS: 511199   Largest/examples A33 - Search A33 - Printing & Publishing

Organizations that publish a variety of materials on diverse topics. Includes university presses.

Key words: Book Publishing; Journalism; Literary Journals and Presses; Magazine Publishing; Newspaper Publishing; Publications; Publishing; University Presses

Scope notes: USE for publishing programs that are general in nature. Newletters published for the benefit of specific organizations should be coded to a specific field area with the appropriate common code.

Includes: University presses.

Excludes: Religious printing or publishing (use Religious Printing & Publishing, X83); and organizations whose primary function is the retail sale of or those that publish a newsletter, magazine, journal, directory, or a house organ as one of many activities.

See also: Religious Printing & Publishing

NAICS: 515112   Largest/examples A34 - Search A34 - Radio

Organizations engaged in radio productions and broadcast, including public radio stations and radio stations that offer programming that is designed for community residents who are blind or visually impaired (radio reading services).

Key words: National Public Radio; NPR; Public Radio Broadcasting; Radio Reading Services

Scope notes: Excludes: Religious radio. Use Religious Radio (X84).

See also: Religious Radio

NAICS: 710000   Largest/examples: A40 - A4 - Search A40 - Visual Arts

Organizations whose activities promote or provide access to a variety of visual arts. Included are organizations that focus on an art form in a specific medium such as stained glass or textiles.

Key words: Architectural Centers; Architectural Services; Art Conservation; Art Galeeries; Art Printmaking; Ceramic Arts; Clay Arts; Computer Art; Crafts; Decorative Arts; Drawing; Enamelwork; Experimental Arts; Fiber Art; Fine Arts; Glass Arts; Intermedia; Jewelry Arts; Lacquer Work; Metal Arts; Mixed Media; Mosaics; Origami; Painting; Paper Arts; Photography; Pottery; Printmaking; Quilting; Sculpture; Stained Glass; Studio Arts; Textile Arts; Visual Arts; Visual Arts Appreciation; Weaving Arts

Scope notes: Includes: Architectural centers and services; Art conservation organizations; Ceramic arts organizations; Painting, drawing and sculpture organizations; and Organizations devoted to photography.

USE for art galleries in which visual artists can exhibit and sell their work. Do not confuse "Art Galleries" as venues with museums that have "Gallery" in their name such as "The National Gallery of Art".

See also: Art Museums

NAICS: 712110   Largest/examples: A50 - A5 - Search A50 - Museums

Organizations that acquire, preserve, research, exhibit and provide for the educational use of works of art, objects or artifacts that are related to the study of zoology, biology, botany, mineralogy, geology and other natural sciences; history; archeology; or science and technology. Use this code for types of museums not specified below.

Key words: Archaeological Museums; Archeological Museums; Automobile Museums; Boat Museums; Circus Museums; Comedy Museums; Crime Museums; Culture-Specific Museums; Doll Museums; Film Museums; Fire-Fighting Museums; Forestry Museums; Gun Museums; Hall of Fame; Historic Ships; Hobby Museums; Holocaust Museums; Lapidary Arts Museums; Logging/Lumber Museums; Mapparium Museums; Marine Museums; Maritime Museums; Model Train Museums; Money/Numismatic Museums; Motion Picture Museums; Musical Instrument Museums; Naval Museums; Observatories; Philatelic Museums; Planetaria; Planetarium; Postal Museums; Railroad Museums; Religious Museums; Scouting Museums; Ship Museums; Specialized Museums; Sport Halls of Fame; Sports Museums; Theater Museums; Toy Museums; Train Museums; Transportation Museums; Video Museums; Visitors Center; Wax Museums; Whaling Museums; Woodcarving Museums

Scope notes: Includes: Folk arts, ethnic museums; Marine, maritime museums; Planetariums; Sports and hobby museums including halls of fame; and Other specialized museums.

Excludes: Ethnic organizations that are not museums. Use Cultural & Ethnic Awareness (A23).

See also: Botanical Gardens & Arboreta; Environmental Education; Zoos & Aquariums

NAICS: 712110   Largest/examples A51 - Search A51 - Art Museums

Organizations that acquire, preserve and exhibit collections of objects including fine art, decorative art, folk/ethnic art and textiles that are collected primarily for their aesthetic qualities and their importance as representatives of a particular artistic tradition or style.

Key words: Art Exhibitions; Art Galleries; Contemporary Art Museums; Decorative Art Museums; Ethnic Art Museums; Folk Art Museums; Modern Art Museums; Textile Museums

NAICS: 712110   Largest/examples A52 - Search A52 - Children's Museums

Organizations that develop and maintain educational exhibits that are structured for the size, interests and intellectual capacity of young children. Childrens museums are participatory and allow visitors to interact with the exhibits (touching, exploring, manipulating), and many offer organized lessons for groups of school children that focus on one or more of the exhibits. NOTE: See also A57, Science and Technology Museums, for other organizations with substantial activities and collections for children.

Key words: Discovery Museums; Youth Museums

See also: Science & Technology Museums

NAICS: 541720   Largest/examples A53 - Search A53 - Folk Arts Museums(Draft Code - not for internal IRS use)

Specialized museums, foundations and other organizations whose activities and collections preserve and promote the culture and history of a specific nationality, or racial or ethnic group, e.g. Native Americans.

Scope notes: Excludes: Folk art organizations that are not museums (Use Folk Arts A24); and Ethnic organizations that are not museums (Use Cultural & Ethnic Awareness A23).

Do Not Use USE A50 Museums for Folk Arts Musuems,

NAICS: 712110   Largest/examples A54 - Search A54 - History Museums

Organizations that acquire, preserve, research and exhibit collections of objects including documents, tools, implements and furnishings that have significance in helping to interpret or understand the past. History museums may specialize in a specific era such as early Greece or Rome, a particular geographical region such as California or Appalachia, a particular ethnic or cultural group such as Native Americans or a specific subject area such as costumes; and may contain items created or used by contemporary or historical figures.

Key words: Local Art & History Museums; Historic House Museums; Historical Society Museum; Colonial Farm Museums; Costume Museums; Interpretive Farm Museums; History Museums; Living History Museums; Military Museums; War Museums

Scope notes: USE for historical societies that operate a museum as their primary purpose.

See also: Historical Societies & Related Historical Activities

NAICS: 712110   Largest/examples A56 - Search A56 - Natural History & Natural Science Museums

Organizations that acquire, preserve, research and exhibit collections of objects that have significance in the natural sciences including botany, zoology, geology and physical and cultural anthropology.

Key words: Anthropology Museums; Entomology Museums; Ethnology Museums; Geology Museums; Herbarium Museums; Herpetology Museums; Mineralogy Museums; Natural History Museums; Natural Science Museums; Ornithology Museums

See also: Botanical Gardens & Arboreta

NAICS: 712110   Largest/examples A57 - Search A57 - Science & Technology Museums

Organizations that develop and maintain educational exhibits which illustrate principles from mathematics and the physical sciences.

Key words: Agriculture Museums; Aeronautical Museums; Aeronautics and Space Museums; Aerospace Museums; Air and Space Museums; Astronomy Museums; Communications Museums; Industrial Museums; Medical Science Museums; Mining Museums; Pharmacology Museums; Science Museums; Space Museums; Technology Museums

See also: Childrens Museums

NAICS: 711100   Largest/examples: A60 - A6 - Search A60 - Performing Arts

Organizations that provide access to the performing arts or a variety of art forms including the performing arts, and/or which present performing arts series. Use this code for organizations devoted to art forms not specified below.

Key words: Circus Arts; Experimental Companies; Multimedia Companies; Performing Arts; Performing Arts Series

NAICS: 711310   Largest/examples A61 - Search A61 - Performing Arts Centers

Organizations that operate facilities including theaters for the performing arts.

Key words: Performing arts theater facilities; Theater facilities; Performing arts presenters

Scope notes: USE this code for organizations whose main activity is presenting touring performing arts productions to the public. USE other codes in the A60 series when the organization includes resident performing arts troupes that produce their own work.

NAICS: 711120   Largest/examples A62 - Search A62 - Dance

Organizations that create and/or perform a variety of types of dance, including modern, folk, country and western, and square dancing.

Key words: African Dance; Choreography; Contra Dance; Country and Western Dance; Dance Companies; Dance Festivals; Dance Groups; Ethnic Dance; Flamenco Ballet; Flamenco Dancing; Folk Dance; Interpretive Dance; Irish Dance; Israeli Dance; Jazz Dance; Line Dance; Modern Dance; Polka; Square Dance; Tap Dance; Traditional Dance

Scope notes: USE for ethnic and cultural organizations which promote, produce or provide only dance productions; USE Cutural & Ethnic Awareness (A23) for ethnic & cultural organizations that promote, produce, or provide multi-discipline arts programming.

Includes organizations for the preservation and enjoyment of dance, such as dance clubs. Does not include competitive dance drill and dance tumble teams (use N60). (rev 2007)

NAICS: 711120   Largest/examples A63 - Search A63 - Ballet

Dance organizations that create and/or perform primarily ballet.

Key words: Ballet Companies; Ballet Troupes

NAICS: 711110   Largest/examples A65 - Search A65 - Theater

Organizations whose primary activity is the production of plays. (Organizations that present the productions of others should be classified as presenters. (A61)

Key words: Acting Companies; Amateur Theaters; Broadway Shows; Burlesque; Childrens Theaters; Childrens Performances; Childrens Plays; Childrens Theater; Comedies; Community Theaters; Community Theatrical Groups; Drama; Dramatic Arts; Dramatic Productions; Marionette Shows; Mimes; Musical Plays; Musical Theater; Musicals; Plays; Playwriting; Puppet Shows; Shakespeare Festivals; Shakespearean Festivals; Stage Plays; Storytelling; Summer Stock; Theater Companies; Theater Festivals; Theater Performances; Theater Troupes; Tragedies; Traveling Theaters

Scope notes: Excludes: Organizations that have as their PRIMARY PURPOSE, the operation, restoration, or maintenance of theater facilities that are used for presenting the works of others, films, or other community events. (Use A61, performing arts centers and presenters for organizations focused on performing arts. Use A20 for arts centers that are equally focused on visual and performing arts.) Excludes: Organizations, such as some guilds or "friends of" organizations that have as their PRIMARY PURPOSE, the financial support for a theater company that is a separately incorporated nonprofit organization.

See also: Opera

NAICS: 711130   Largest/examples A68 - Search A68 - Music

Organizations whose primary activity is the production of musical events, including concert series and music festivals.

Key words: Concert Series; Music Competitions; Music Composition; Music Festivals; Musical Events

NAICS: 711130   Largest/examples A69 - Search A69 - Symphony Orchestras

Organizations whose primary activity is the operation of a symphony

orchestra including youth symphonies.

Key words: Chamber Orchestras; Orchestras; Philharmonic; Symphonies; Youth Orchestras; Youth Symphonies

See also: Bands & Ensembles

NAICS: 711130   Largest/examples A6A - Search A6A - Opera

Organizations whose primary activity is the production of operas.

Key words: Comic Operas; Light Operas; Opera Companies; Operettas

NAICS: 711130   Largest/examples A6B - Search A6B - Singing & Choral Groups

Organizations whose primary activity is the production of concerts including barbershop singing groups, glee clubs/choir groups, childrens choirs and other singing ensembles.

Key words: Barbershop Quartets; Boys Choirs; Childrens Choirs; Choirs; Choral Groups; Choruses; Church Music; Glee Clubs; Gospel Music; Religious Music; Sacred Music; Singing Ensembles; Singing Groups; Singing Societies; Sweet Adelines

NAICS: 711130   Largest/examples A6C - Search A6C - Bands & Ensembles

Organizations that produce music not specifically covered by another category including marching bands, jazz groups, chamber music groups, blues, country music, ethnic music (e.g., Brazilian, Celtic, Afro-pop, etc.), folk music, rhythm and blues.

Key words: Bands; Brass Bands; Blues; Chamber Music; Community Bands; Country Music; Ethnic Music; Folk Music; Improvisational Music; Jazz Groups; Jazz Music; Marching Bands; Musical Groups; Rhythm and Blues; Rock Music; Youth Bands

See also: Singing & Choral Groups

NAICS: 611610   Largest/examples A6E - Search A6E - Performing Arts Schools

Organizations that offer classes in the performing arts but do not confer academic degrees.

Key words: Dance Schools (non-degree); Drama Schools (non-degree); Performing Arts Schools (non-degree); Theater Schools (non-degree)

NAICS: 710000   Largest/examples: A70 - A7 - Search A70 - Humanities

Organizations that promote the study, teaching, or appreciation of the humanities (archaeology, art history, history, modern and classical languages, philosophy and ethics, and theology and comparative religion).

Key words: Art History; Book Clubs; Book Discussion Groups; Book Fairs; Book Readings; Book Review Groups; Book Signings; Chinese Languages; Classical Languages; Comparative Religion; Creative Writing; English Language; Ethics; Fictionwriting; Foreign Language Schools; French Language Schools; German Language Institutes; Holocaust Studies; Humanities; Japanese Language; Language and Linguistics; Literary Activities; Literary Services; Literature; Philosophy; Poetry Readings; Poetry Writing; Reading Clubs; Russian Language; Social Sciences; Spanish Language; Theology

Scope notes: USE for language instruction schools that offer language instruction only and do not teach language as part of a broader cultural education program. For cultural education including language instruction USE A23 (Cultural and Ethnic Awareness).

NAICS: 712120   Largest/examples: A80 - A8 - Search A80 - Historical Organizations

Organizations that promote awareness of and appreciation for history and historical artifacts. Use this code for organizations that are not specified below.

Key words: Ancestry; Family Histories; Family Name Societies; Genealogical Societies; Genealogy; Holocaust Memorials; Material Culture Conservation; Memorials; Monuments; Patriotic Societies; Presidential Birthplaces; Veterans Memorials; War Memorials

See also: History Museums

NAICS: 712120   Largest/examples A82 - Search A82 - Historical Societies & Historic Preservation

Organizations that interpret, collect and preserve the historical heritage of a specific geographic location.

Key words: Historical Markers; Historic District Preservation; Historic Home Preservation; Historic House Designation; Historic Preservation; Historic Properties Preservation; Historic Preservation of Churches; Historic Site Designation; Historic Site Preservation; Historical Associations; Historical Burial Site Preservation; Historical Preservation; Historical Societies; Oral History

Scope notes: For historical societies that operate a museum as their primary purpose USE A54 (History Museums).

Excludes: Main Street Programs, USE S20 Community & Neighborhood Development.

For users whose NTEE-CC system has not enabled this code, USE A80 instead.

Code reinstated 5/2005

See also: History Museums

NAICS: 712120   Largest/examples A84 - Search A84 - Commemorative Events

Organizations that sponsor activities which celebrate, memorialize and sometimes recreate important events in history such as battles, treaties, speeches, centennials, independence days, catastrophes that had an important impact or other similar occasions.

Key words: Bicentennials; Centennials; Civil War Reenactments; Columbus Day; Dedication Ceremonies; Heritage Days; Historical Reenactments; Independence Day; July 4th; Memorial Celebrations; Revolutionary War Reenactments; Veterans Day

Scope notes: Includes: July 4th Parades and Celebrations

NAICS: 813219   Largest/examples: A90 - A9 - Search A90 - Arts Services

Organizations that provide services such as facilities or touring assistance for arts organizations.

Key words: Art Facilities; Artisans Services; Artist Registries; Artists Services; Arts Services; Equipment Access and Services for Artists; Legal Services for Artists; Slide Registries; Touring Assistance; Travel Grants for Artists

Scope notes: Use for organizations offering a variety of services specifically for artists and arts organizations including legal and financial services, services to individual artists or groups of artists in the form of workshops, funds to indigent artists, discounts on group purchases, or tax, legal, or accounting aid.

NAICS: 710000   Largest/examples A99 - Search A99 - Arts, Culture & Humanities N.E.C.

Organizations that provide arts and humanities services or products not covered by other categories.

Key words: Arts and Sciences